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As the Madden 18 release date, August 25th is quickly approaching,NFL Coins it’s time to talk strategy about how you are going to create the best dynasty franchise mode has ever seen. Whether you are playing in an online league with your friends or an offline franchise where you compete against the CPU, it’s good to go in with a solid game plan.

I’ve continuously reiterated this here at Madden School, but it is important to understand your style of play. Everyone is different and that’s OK. When picking a team, it is also important to understand the circumstances that surround them. Here are some things you must look for when choosing a team.

I would suggest before choosing a franchise to start with, take an in-depth look at the roster. You have to understand the current state of the team and know the holes before making the decision. For example,mut 18 coins for sale say you don’t follow the New York Jets that much but are intrigued by some of the young talents they have on defense in Jamal Adams and Leonard Williams. Which is a great reason to pick the team but it’s also important to look at the offensive side and notice that they are far away from competing.

It’s just the little things that can really make or break franchise mode for you. Once you understand what you are getting yourself into, it will be a lot more fun. Once again, it is all dependent on the roster.
Now, you have a selected roster. The next phase is playing to your strengths. It seems simple but it isn’t. You have to understand the type of playbooks that will also fit your roster (this is easier than it seems). Once you’ve played enough of Madden, you will get a solid understanding of the playbooks that they offer. For example, I know that the Raiders play mostly a base 3-4 defensive scheme in real life and that’s what Madden had for Jack Del Rio’s playbook in Madden 17. But, I personally enjoy more of a base 4-3 scheme because I felt like it utilized Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin better on the EDGE. When I made that decision, my defense as a whole got a lot better because I played to the strength of my pass rushing ability.

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