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With Madden 18 set to come out on August 25th, buy madden coins we are still waiting for more information on the upcoming franchise mode. As of now, all we can do is look back at the older games and make predictions from there. I wanted to look at the relocation capabilities and why they present a fun option to lighten up your dynasty.

Some users like to keep their teams in their respected locations and that is totally fine. It’s all about preference. But, If you would like to take the opportunity to create the team that you always wanted to, Madden gives you that chance. It gives the user the opportunity to create something of their own to leave their mark on the history books . . . In Madden, of course.

First, I would recommend changing your role to an “Owner” this will give you complete control over the entire franchise. It’s important that you pick this setting when first setting up your team. Once you get into Week 1 of the regular season, click “My Owner” and then the “Stadium” button. Now with that, click “Relocate” and start the process.

This is probably one of the better options that Franchise mode has to offer. I love looking at all the possibilities of where I can move the organization. Another great part is that the game offers cities in other countries as well such as London, Mexico City,mut coins buy and Toronto. When looking at each individual city as well, there will be “fan interest” and obviously, the higher it is the better.

It will also give you the market size and personality of the fans. So it’s pretty cool that a video game will give you the ability to do some minor market research before making your decision. It’s that type of freedom that users enjoy.Now, Madden gives you the opportunity to change your team name. Just a heads up, it also allows you keep the original one if you choose to. I personally enjoy keeping the classic team name but feel free to change and get as creative as you can. You are making your mark in the Madden franchise history books!

If you do decide to change the team name, you will be able to change the uniforms as well and logo. If you decide to keep the classic team name, then you will not be able to change uniforms. It’s pretty simple and all up to the user.

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