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AOL Desktop Gold is browser software application; it has top security features which protect user’s devices from viruses, malware, cyber threats etc. Screen grabs protection, blocking of spam website, login key protection. It permits its users to browse the internet without the tension of cyber threats. Install it on your device and keep your device safe from unwanted activities. If any problem occurs with AOL Desktop Gold users then take help of AOL tech support team through AOL Desktop Gold Support Number 1-844-794-2728 which is always reachable for everyone. If you want to install AOL Desktop Gold then simply follow given instructions. 

Download AOL Desktop Gold

If you have AOL Advantage plan then AOL Desktop Gold asks for no cost for membership. 

1. At mybenefits.aol.com sign in your AOL account.

2. Here you will found “All Products” then scroll down to “AOL Desktop Gold”.

3. Tap at “Download now”.

If you have subscribed AOL Gold or trial.

1. Sign in at myaccount.aol.com

2. Now click to “Manage My Subscription”.

3. Click on “Premium Subscription”.

There is also one option to download AOL Desktop Gold by using the link which you get from official AOL signup confirmation email.

1. In email search “Get started with AOL Desktop Gold”.

2. Click and open it.

3. Now tap to “Download AOL Desktop Gold” or “Update Now”.

4. Navigate the download folder and click to save.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

1. After download, your AOL Desktop Gold opens the download folder.

2. Here you will find the icon of “Install AOL Desktop” double-click on it. After click a windows security windows will open.

3. Tap to run then AOL Desktop Gold Windows will open.

4. Now click to “Install Now”.

5. If you have an older version then you may be prompted to uninstall it or import your mail. Click on “Yes and then “OK”.

Finally, your AOL Desktop Gold has downloaded and installs properly. If any issue occurs with you then reach to technical experts through AOL Mail Customer Service Number which is always open for users. Without any hesitation ask your problem to technical experts always. 

Source URL:- Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold


The users of AOL Email have several features to utilize but sometimes they face few typical kind of errors which they fail to rectify and need some assistance for the same. We are discussing an issue over here where the users are facing Image challenge and unable to resolve it. The users have not to worry as we have a tech support system which is equipped with skilled and trained technicians to assist the users through AOL Customer Care +1-800-863-5563 to resolve the issues within a short period of time. The users are required to follow the instruction to resolve the issue and if they face some error while following the instructions then they can contact the provided number.


Note:If the users are receiving Image Challenges constantly, then there is an option to remove that by visiting AOL Support and users can change their password.

Causes for Image Challenge:The main reason behind Image Challenges much more frequently when there is suspicious activity has been detected on an account: or the users are Signing-ins from different locations around the world, sudden massive bulk mailings, etc. These are the signs that an account has been compromised and this is why the users should change their password.)

Note:The image box might display animated or static characters. Characters might be animated when they flash and move within the image box. 

If the users just passed an image challenge and immediately got one after another then it is required to follow the instructions below as given:

If the users successfully pass the image challenge and they are immediately prompted to pass another one, then they have to follow the suggestions which we are providing below to get out of the image challenge loop:

•    Suggestion 1:In the beginning, the users are required to Clear cookies, cache, history, and footprints in their browser and take the image challenge again. Once they pass it properly, then they have to check to make it sure that they are able to send the email.

•    Suggestion 2: If the first solution doesn’t work for the users then they can try for the second option will work and the users can go to AOL’s Image Challenge Security Check to pass a different image challenge displayed. When they are done, then they should be able to send their email.

As we have discussed the issue of Image Challenge where the users have to just follow the steps as they are given above to resolve the issue on an urgent basis but if the users face some error while following the steps then there is an option to resolve the issue through our tech support system which is equipped with skilled technicians and the users have to just contact on AOL Email customer support +1-800-863-5563 to resolve the issue.

Visit here: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/what-should-i-do-if-i-get-an-image-challenge-when-trying-to-send-aol-email/

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