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Abbie Cornish

AOL is best to email service Provider Company because it has wonderful features. Unlimited email storage, ability to send 25 MB files and spam protection etc. makes AOL more reliable and famous among users. Sometime users of AOL email face trouble to access their email due to compatibility issue. So you need to know minimum requirement for AOL email. To know which browser and version are good for AOL use AOL Customer Support. Don’t get confused what to do and find a solution. Just get assist by third party technical team whenever you want. Well, experts recommend to download and install the latest version of web browser.>>


Download latest version of the browser:>>


/>y·    Download the latest version of Internet Explorer

. Download the latest version of Firefox>>

/>y· Download the latest version of Safari>>


Learn which operating system works best with Standard Version of AOL Mail:>>



Windows 7 and 8 / Windows XP>>


Latest version of Internet Explorer>>


Latest version of Firefox>>


Latest version of Chrome>>


Latest version of Safari>>


AOL Desktop Software 9.0 and above>>



Mac OS X 10.5 and above>>


Latest version of Firefox>>


Latest version of Safari>>


Latest version of Chrome>>

Learn which operating system works best with Local Version of AOL Mail:>>


Windows 7 and 8 / Windows XP>>


Internet Explorer 8.0 and above>>


Firefox 3.0 and above>>




Safari 4.0 and above>>


Windows 2000>>


Internet Explorer 8.0 and above>>


Firefox 3.0 and above>>

/>yWindows 98>>

/>yInternet Explorer 8.0 and above>>

Above information may be enough to help you and know about the compatibility of AOL email. If although you face trouble with your AOL email and browser version just call third-party tech support team without any problem. Use AOL CustomerSupport Number and ask for a solution any time. Professionals of tech support team will fix any kind of problem-related to AOL email. Don’t think how can I Contact to AOL Tech Support because third-party technical support team is here to help you.>>

Source URL : - http://www.aolcustomercare.billspayroll.com/aol-mail-browser-requirements/>>


Read More: - AOL Customer Support Phone Number>>


Emails are the most reliable and authentic way to send/receive documents, share information related to personal or professional work. Importance of emails are not only limited to for communication but also use to create accounts and all. Sometimes people get technical hassles while accessing their email account. This same condition faced by AOL webmail users. This webmail is offered by AOL Inc. and American Telecommunication Company. When users of AOL mail get the issue to access their account, this can be irritating. If you are having such problem and want help to resolve email login problem reach to customer care. Through AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 users can find the exact solution. On this blog, you will get some simple tips which will help you to rectify the email accessing error

Steps to resolve the AOL email accessing error: 

There are some steps which will help you to rectify the email accessing problem. Follow these steps one by one.

1.     Check if you are using correct email password:

Solution: When you are not able to access the email and getting an error. Make sure you have entered the correct password. If you found any error then correct it & try to access your email again. 

2.     Clear the browser cookies, temp & junk files:

Solution: Junk & temp files act as a hindrance at the time of email login. That’s why you can opt for remove the caches, cookies and temp files from the desktop. After that check, if you are able to access your mail again. 

3.     Change the browser settings:

Solution: Open another browser and login you email. If you can access the email through other browser means you need to change the browser settings. 

After having all efforts if email accessing error remain same, you can reach out to the customer care team. The experts in customer care are always here for troubleshooting. Through AOL technical support number you can ask the tech support team to resolve your problem. Service of customer care 24/7 provides by tech support professionals.

Source URL: Unable to access AOL Email Account 

Abbie Cornish

AOL customer care number

We are in the world of modern age where everything is based on highly sophisticated technology whether it is a computer, laptop, or any other services. Email services can also be counted in that and you can find plenty of email service providers in the world with some different features, but AOL Email is completely different from all the available email service providers as it comprised of several unique features which can be utilized by installing its App on smartphone or can register on the official website of AOL Email. It has some amazing features at the same time you may face some technical errors as well. These errors are not the outcome of technical lacunas, but the mistakes by the users itself as they are not techno-savvy hence could not handle the simple technical process and face such issues in it. Well, that error can be resolved to get technical support for AOL where you can get the help from qualified technicians in a short period of time with a quick response.

There are ample of features and functionalities which can be utilized are mentioned below-

• AOL email Storage space

• Email attachment size in AOL

• Email organization

• Filters and automated email sorting

• Spam and junk email filter

• Email stationery

• Email signature

Apart from all those above-mentioned features, it has some advanced features also which are essential and can be utilized for managing email account in an easy way. It provides the facility for you to handle your Email accounts related events and news such as-
• You can avail the facility to manage your all the scheduled work and event through To Do Panel which will help you in adding new tasks and due dates for that particular work. You can utilize the To Do Link also.• From the help of Events Panel, you can manage all the calendar events in an easy way. You will be able to see all those scheduled events in advance.
• You can utilize even Blog link which is located next to the calendar which creates an entry in the AOL Journal which is free Blog services in AOL. You have the facility to create and share your blog with the public.

Some common Errors in AOL Email and that is why you need the assistance from AOL Customer Support Number.• Trouble Signing In• Problems Sending or Composing Mail• Problems Receiving or Reading Mail
All the above-mentioned errors are due to non-techno-savvy as if you are non-technical then it will be difficult for you handle such simple process of solution and will face such errors. In that case, you are required not to panic as there is an option for you to resolve the errors through AOL Customer Care Phone Number where all the issues will be handled by the skilled and qualified technicians. You can reach out to the tech support team at any time as it is available for you 24×7 online. Whatever the issue is you will get a prompt reply with an accurate answer. All the technicians will help you in resolving every issue you face in it.

Source URL: AOL Technical Support


When AOL email users try to log in their device but they cannot due to technical issues like users shows AOL mail sign in screen is missing. In such case, we have some tips which may help you to fix it but if not then reach to AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 and ask technical support team to dissolve issues of AOL email. The service of customer support team is available for all users and every time. Well first try to fix it and access your AOL email account.

Solutions to recover AOL Mail sign-in screen: 

1. Change web settings:

If you have multiple web browser installed in your device then it may possible that some of them have changed it setting. Reset the web setting to fix it.

2. Clear cookies, footprints, and caches :

When users’ visit any website it creates temporary files, browser history, and cookies to which cause blocking of email. To get back the sign in screen of AOL email just delete these all temporary files. Just after clean your computer try to again sign in.

Hope after follow above instructions users fix their technical problem soon but if it doesn’t work then don’t worry just reach to technical support team through AOL customer service number which is open for 24 hours every day for all users. 

The benefit to getting help to tech support team:

AOL email technical issues get fixed by experts easily but some users think why to contact technical team? Here we have discusses some points why it is beneficial to take help technical support team to solve issues? 

• Customer support team is always ready to help 

• The fix issues in a specific manner

• Within short time of duration, issues get solved

• The customer support service is 24×7 open.

To dissolve technical issue of AOL email users can search its solution at its website to try by themselves. The AOL email has advanced technology, therefore, a solution of AOL email has become complicated.

Source URL: https://www.customersuportservice.com/how-to-fix-when-aol-mail-sign-in-screen-is-missing/

vincent meyers
AOL email customer support help to provide information for customer queries. AOL email Customer support Care team are skilled and experienced in terms of AOL email customer support service and support. You can also contact us at our phone number are trying to get in touch with our AOL email customer support team. If you would need our help to work on it then you can reach our AOL email customer support number 18773531109
Our AOL email customer support skilled and experts make sure the AOL user will get the information on first hand so as if needed any support or technical assistance.

AOL user can get help at AOL customer support number 18773531109
And check out our website at: http://mail-supportnumber.com
Arton Martin

Email is a part of our life. For most of the online work, email id needed. There are many email service providers. Each provider has own features. But AOL email is the leader among all. Due to so many features associated with AOL email like unlimited storage capacity, instant text message via email, 1000 filters for spam email, etc. It is very popular in the United States and around the world. Using AOL email services, a user could face some issues. For those issues, AOL Contact Number +1-844-443-3244 is available 24*7.>>

Some of the common issues related to AOL email which a user could face mentioned below.>>

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Sign in error.>>

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The Problem in accessing the account.>>

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Difficulties in recovering the forgotten password.>>

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Server down Issue.>>

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The Problem with sending or receiving emails.>>



Users could face any of the above error while using the AOL Email services. Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number +1-844-443-3244 helping users from anywhere through remote assistance. There are few facilities which our AOL Email Support team is providing for the valuable customers:>>

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24/7 Online Support – User can Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number+1-844-443-3244 at any point of time whenever they face issues in AOL Email.>>

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Prompt reply for the customers- Customers would get instant response from our AOL Tech Support team and thus satisfied the user by solving all their queries.>>

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Highly trained and skilled professionals- We have a team of highly trained professional which have immense knowledge in the field of AOL Emailing and they are ready to help the user at any time.>>

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Remote assistance with high data security and communication- Our AOL Email Support Services is available for the user anywhere in the world. AOL Tech Support can access you by the remote assistance which is full of security.>>


We care for our users and help them to resolve their issues related to AOL email. For any problem related to AOL Email, users need to Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number  +1-844-443-3244>>


Source:- http://aolgoldsupport.com/contact-aol-technical-support-phone-number/>>


Download AOL gold desktop using Internet explorer

1. Tap on the Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now button on the page.

2. Select the Save option from the lower most of the screen and wait for AOL Desktop Gold to start downloading.

3. From the top right corner tap the gear icon which is the settings button.

4. Open “View Download” option from setting.

5. Find the file named Install_AOL_Desktop.exe from the download list and tap Run to start download.

6. Select “INSTALL NOW” option.

7. Let the AOL desktop Gold to install on your system and when it does it will ask you to insert your Username.

8. Type in your Username in that window and Continue. If you want to save your password, you can do that to automatically sign in future and save your time.

9. Type in your password to continue..

10. And that’s all you have to do. You now have AOL desktop gold installed in your system.

You can download and install AOL desktop by just following the easy and simple steps which are mentioned above. This will help you to get AOL desktop in your system without any problem. However, if you wish to get it done by technicians, you can always do that by just contacting Third Party AOL Email Customer Service Number 1-844-794-2728. The number is available day and night for all AOL users.

Source URL:- Unable to Download AOL Gold>>


Recently AOL was in the news as Verizon acquired it. There was a huge clientele of it due to its features and functions which it is used to provide to the users. That was the main reason Verizon retain the services of AOL Email as it was among the safest and most secured email service provider in the world. After the merger of AOL and Verizon there was a technical issue for almost everyone as ‘how to set up Verizon migrated account in third party email applications’ and they could not resolve it and need some assistance for the same. Here is the process for the same technical issue with complete instructions and the users are required to follow very strictly to resolve the issue and even if they confront any technical hiccups then they have one more option in the form of AOL customer care number +1-800-863-5563 where certified experts will assist them in resolving the issues.


The users have to follow the provided steps as given below to learn how to set up their Verizon migrated account in Outlook:

1. The users have to first launch Outlook.

2. After that, they have to click on the File menu.

3. In the next step, they have to click on Add Account.

4. Now they need to select the option of Manual setup or additional server types, radio button and just click on Next button.

5. After that, they have to select the POP or IMAP radio button and click on Next.

6. Here in this step, the users have to input the following settings as provided:

• Your Name: the users have to enter their name as they want it to appear to their recipients.

• Email Address: The complete email address/alias that the users used during the migration process.

• Account Type: what kind of account they want so select IMAP from the drop-down menu.

• Incoming mail server: imap.aol.com

• Outgoing mail server: smtp.aol.com

• User Name: The full email id that they used during the migration process.

• Password: they are required to enter the correct password they set up during the migration process.

After the completion of the previous step, the users have to check the Remember password box and click on the More Settings... button.

After that there a new window will appear and the users have to click on the Outgoing Server tab and again check on the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box.

Note: the users have to ensure it that they have to Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button is selected, as it is shown in below image

Now it’s time to click on the Advanced tab and enter the following settings:

• Incoming server (IMAP): the users have to set the port number to 993 for a secure mail connection.

• Outgoing server (SMTP): here also they are required to set the port number to 465 for a secure mail connection.

Now they have to just click on OK button.

The users have to just click on Next button in the following window. After that Outlook will now test the user’s settings.

Now it’s time to click on the Close button and once Outlook finishes testing the user’s settings.

Just after that, the users have to click on Finish.

Now the users have to test whether they are able to exchange the messages or not and for that they have to send them self a test email to ensure it that the settings are correct and their email arrives successfully.

As it is observed and analyzed it that the users can resolve the issues which they were facing in the beginning by just following the instructions step by step and if they have some other technical issues while following the steps then they have another option in the form of AOL customer service number where the qualified experts will assist them in resolving the issues. Our services can be accessed 24x7 online.

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/how-to-set-up-your-verizon-migrated-account-in-third-party-email-applications-using-the-imap-protocol/


There are 10 millions of active users of AOL email because of its attractive features. It is a free web-based email which stores email message online. The email account of AOL can be accessed by any device with internet connection. If you have an iPhone and want to access AOL email from your phone you can easily. To login your account of AOL email on your iPhone you just need to follow some steps. You may also take help of AOL technical support team through AOL customer support all the time. The expert will guide you to sign in AOL on your iPhone/Phone. 

How to sign in AOL account on iPhone/Phone?

The iPhone has made its easy to login AOL email account on iPhone/Phone. To sign in AOL email to access and read follow the steps which are described below. 

1. The first thing which you should aware of is to have AOL email account and password to follow next step. 

2. Now tap the “Settings” icon.

3. On setting, menu scrolls down and tap into“Mail, Contact and Calendars” option.

4. The option of Add account will show, click on that. 

5. There would be more option of emails.

6. Click on AOL button.

7. On AOL account enter your name, email address and password in given fields.

8. Touch the next button at the top-right of phone’s screen. 

9. Confirm if all information filled correctly.

10. Now processed to continue. 

11. To sync the email on your phone, select the option and save it. 

12. Make sure a green shading is shown around the button. 

Now your AOL email can be accessed by the email icon on the home screen of iPhone/Phone. 

It is very easy to access your AOL email account via your iPhone or phone. If you have a sign in your account on the phone then it became easy to keep in touch with your contacts as well as anywhere you can use it. In case of any trouble to use AOL email account on iPhone/Phone you can contact for help to tech support team of AOL via AOL technical support which is open for 24×7. 

Source URL: Unable to sign in AOL in iPhone


Now everyone is being addicted to phones, to save details or synchronized email contacts we use phones. If you have an iPhone and want to import your AOL contacts then add AOL Account in iPhone and synchronize it. If you stick with issues during import AOL contacts then dial AOL customer care phone number +1-800-863-5563 which is open every time for all AOL customers. Follow these steps and import AOL contacts to your iPhone. 

Step 1. 

Start the setting app on the home screen of iPhone.

Step 2. 

Scroll and select the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”. Now on the screen set up of accounts will appear.

Step 3. 

Click on “Add account” and then on the list of accounts type click on “other”. Then select the only import Mails and notes option. 

Step 4. 

Now click “Add CardDAV Account” which is located under contacts heading.

Step 5. 

At this step, you will find the field to input your server and account setting. In the server field type “carddav.aol.com” Then enter your AOL email address in the Username field. In password field enter your AOL password. In the description field enter an identification name for this account.

Step 6. 

Now to save the change and import the AOL contacts from AOL account click to “Next”. When you provide login information in iPhone, it tests that it can send or receive an email from AOL server or not. 

Step 7. 

Click to “Keep on My iPhone” and continue to click on “save”.

Now all AOL email contact get the import to your iPhone easily within few steps. It is more convincing to use iPhone AOL email contacts because it is synchronized. After all, follow these steps successfully still your iPhone doesn’t show AOL contacts then call tech support team of AOL email and ask for a solution. Ring on AOL customer service number which is always reachable for all users. Team of technical support help to shoot out all technical issues every time.


Source URL: How to import AOL Contacts to an iPhone

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