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vincent meyers
AOL email customer support help to provide information for customer queries. AOL email Customer support Care team are skilled and experienced in terms of AOL email customer support service and support. You can also contact us at our phone number are trying to get in touch with our AOL email customer support team. If you would need our help to work on it then you can reach our AOL email customer support number 18773531109
Our AOL email customer support skilled and experts make sure the AOL user will get the information on first hand so as if needed any support or technical assistance.

AOL user can get help at AOL customer support number 18773531109
And check out our website at: http://mail-supportnumber.com
Arton Martin

Email is a part of our life. For most of the online work, email id needed. There are many email service providers. Each provider has own features. But AOL email is the leader among all. Due to so many features associated with AOL email like unlimited storage capacity, instant text message via email, 1000 filters for spam email, etc. It is very popular in the United States and around the world. Using AOL email services, a user could face some issues. For those issues, AOL Contact Number +1-844-443-3244 is available 24*7.>>

Some of the common issues related to AOL email which a user could face mentioned below.>>

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Sign in error.>>

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The Problem in accessing the account.>>

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Difficulties in recovering the forgotten password.>>

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Server down Issue.>>

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The Problem with sending or receiving emails.>>



Users could face any of the above error while using the AOL Email services. Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number +1-844-443-3244 helping users from anywhere through remote assistance. There are few facilities which our AOL Email Support team is providing for the valuable customers:>>

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24/7 Online Support – User can Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number+1-844-443-3244 at any point of time whenever they face issues in AOL Email.>>

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Prompt reply for the customers- Customers would get instant response from our AOL Tech Support team and thus satisfied the user by solving all their queries.>>

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Highly trained and skilled professionals- We have a team of highly trained professional which have immense knowledge in the field of AOL Emailing and they are ready to help the user at any time.>>

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Remote assistance with high data security and communication- Our AOL Email Support Services is available for the user anywhere in the world. AOL Tech Support can access you by the remote assistance which is full of security.>>


We care for our users and help them to resolve their issues related to AOL email. For any problem related to AOL Email, users need to Contact AOL Technical Support Phone Number  +1-844-443-3244>>


Source:- http://aolgoldsupport.com/contact-aol-technical-support-phone-number/>>


The emails service of AOL is best for all users. It offers unlimited email storage for all users as well as various features. It happens sometimes that its users face problem to access their email account. AOL email users sometimes face trouble to sign in their account. When they try to sign in get messages: 

a) "We detected unusual activity," or

b) "Your Username or Password is incorrect"?

To get the solution to these issues you can call tech support team via AOL customer care phone number anytime. You can also follow the instructions given here: 

Make sure you are trying correct username and password:

Most of the time it happens that users enter their wrong password or username. Or it may possible that you are entering any space or other charters. If you are sure that both are correct then go to next step. 

Change the browser security setting by default:

1. Identify browser which you are using.

2. Change your browser set by default.

3. Again try to sign in your account. 

4. If you find unable to sign your email account again and find the same message then follow next. 

Delete browser’s cookies, cache, history, and footprints

1 To make disk space in your device delete all history, caches, cookies, and footprints. 

2. Try to sign in your AOL email account. 

3. Although you are unable to dissolve the problem then don’t worry because you can take help of tech support experts.

If still, you are unable to dissolve your technical issues then don’t worry because tech support team is here to help you. Ring AOL customer service number whenever you feel free because experts of tech support provide their service 24 × 7. The AOL tech support team has trained and skilled technicians who fix all technical issues related to AOL email service to every AOL email users. 

Source URL: http://www.customer-support-tollfree.com/how-to-fix-when-user-get-trouble-to-sign-in-their-aol-account/

smith rachel

To exchange the vital information, there is only one method comes into the mind and that is Email services. Email is a well-known and an authenticated way of communication where the users can send and receive their emails in a safe manner. Although there are several email service providers in the market, yet AOL is quite a different as it has some unique features and functions in it for the users. The users can send and receive in a safe and secure manner as AOL server converts all the messages into the encrypted mode which can be read only by the senders and receivers. It has some more features which can be utilized by the users by installing its App or through registering on the official website. In case they confront with any kind of technical glitches then they have an option in the form of aol customer support number where they will be assisted by well qualified and certified experts.>>


The users have an opportunity to avail the multiple features which can provide them a boost in their business in a speedy manner. The users can send the attachments of 25 MB with the email or if they will send the same from the cloud storage up to 1 GB. Apart from such kind of features the users can organize the calendar for their routine work through the Calendar option. They have an option of even managing the folders such inbox, outbox, sent folder, social media folder, and many others.>>


It is a known fact that if a brand is like AOL then it is quite obvious that there might be some issues whether it is technical or non-technical. For technical issues, the users can reach out to aol mail phone number where they will get the assistance from certified engineers who will resolve all the technical issues which they are facing while using AOL Email. All the issues will be handle with care and the users will get the response within a short period of time.>>



Source URL :- http://rachelsmith.foliodrop.com/pages/tech-help

Recently AOL was in the news as Verizon acquired it. There was a huge clientele of it due to its features and functions which it is used to provide to the users. That was the main reason Verizon retain the services of AOL Email as it was among the safest and most secured email service provider in the world. After the merger of AOL and Verizon there was a technical issue for almost everyone as ‘how to set up Verizon migrated account in third party email applications’ and they could not resolve it and need some assistance for the same. Here is the process for the same technical issue with complete instructions and the users are required to follow very strictly to resolve the issue and even if they confront any technical hiccups then they have one more option in the form of AOL customer care number +1-800-863-5563 where certified experts will assist them in resolving the issues.


The users have to follow the provided steps as given below to learn how to set up their Verizon migrated account in Outlook:

1. The users have to first launch Outlook.

2. After that, they have to click on the File menu.

3. In the next step, they have to click on Add Account.

4. Now they need to select the option of Manual setup or additional server types, radio button and just click on Next button.

5. After that, they have to select the POP or IMAP radio button and click on Next.

6. Here in this step, the users have to input the following settings as provided:

• Your Name: the users have to enter their name as they want it to appear to their recipients.

• Email Address: The complete email address/alias that the users used during the migration process.

• Account Type: what kind of account they want so select IMAP from the drop-down menu.

• Incoming mail server: imap.aol.com

• Outgoing mail server: smtp.aol.com

• User Name: The full email id that they used during the migration process.

• Password: they are required to enter the correct password they set up during the migration process.

After the completion of the previous step, the users have to check the Remember password box and click on the More Settings... button.

After that there a new window will appear and the users have to click on the Outgoing Server tab and again check on the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box.

Note: the users have to ensure it that they have to Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button is selected, as it is shown in below image

Now it’s time to click on the Advanced tab and enter the following settings:

• Incoming server (IMAP): the users have to set the port number to 993 for a secure mail connection.

• Outgoing server (SMTP): here also they are required to set the port number to 465 for a secure mail connection.

Now they have to just click on OK button.

The users have to just click on Next button in the following window. After that Outlook will now test the user’s settings.

Now it’s time to click on the Close button and once Outlook finishes testing the user’s settings.

Just after that, the users have to click on Finish.

Now the users have to test whether they are able to exchange the messages or not and for that they have to send them self a test email to ensure it that the settings are correct and their email arrives successfully.

As it is observed and analyzed it that the users can resolve the issues which they were facing in the beginning by just following the instructions step by step and if they have some other technical issues while following the steps then they have another option in the form of AOL customer service number where the qualified experts will assist them in resolving the issues. Our services can be accessed 24x7 online.

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/how-to-set-up-your-verizon-migrated-account-in-third-party-email-applications-using-the-imap-protocol/


There are 10 millions of active users of AOL email because of its attractive features. It is a free web-based email which stores email message online. The email account of AOL can be accessed by any device with internet connection. If you have an iPhone and want to access AOL email from your phone you can easily. To login your account of AOL email on your iPhone you just need to follow some steps. You may also take help of AOL technical support team through AOL customer support all the time. The expert will guide you to sign in AOL on your iPhone/Phone. 

How to sign in AOL account on iPhone/Phone?

The iPhone has made its easy to login AOL email account on iPhone/Phone. To sign in AOL email to access and read follow the steps which are described below. 

1. The first thing which you should aware of is to have AOL email account and password to follow next step. 

2. Now tap the “Settings” icon.

3. On setting, menu scrolls down and tap into“Mail, Contact and Calendars” option.

4. The option of Add account will show, click on that. 

5. There would be more option of emails.

6. Click on AOL button.

7. On AOL account enter your name, email address and password in given fields.

8. Touch the next button at the top-right of phone’s screen. 

9. Confirm if all information filled correctly.

10. Now processed to continue. 

11. To sync the email on your phone, select the option and save it. 

12. Make sure a green shading is shown around the button. 

Now your AOL email can be accessed by the email icon on the home screen of iPhone/Phone. 

It is very easy to access your AOL email account via your iPhone or phone. If you have a sign in your account on the phone then it became easy to keep in touch with your contacts as well as anywhere you can use it. In case of any trouble to use AOL email account on iPhone/Phone you can contact for help to tech support team of AOL via AOL technical support which is open for 24×7. 

Source URL: Unable to sign in AOL in iPhone


Now everyone is being addicted to phones, to save details or synchronized email contacts we use phones. If you have an iPhone and want to import your AOL contacts then add AOL Account in iPhone and synchronize it. If you stick with issues during import AOL contacts then dial AOL customer care phone number +1-800-863-5563 which is open every time for all AOL customers. Follow these steps and import AOL contacts to your iPhone. 

Step 1. 

Start the setting app on the home screen of iPhone.

Step 2. 

Scroll and select the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”. Now on the screen set up of accounts will appear.

Step 3. 

Click on “Add account” and then on the list of accounts type click on “other”. Then select the only import Mails and notes option. 

Step 4. 

Now click “Add CardDAV Account” which is located under contacts heading.

Step 5. 

At this step, you will find the field to input your server and account setting. In the server field type “carddav.aol.com” Then enter your AOL email address in the Username field. In password field enter your AOL password. In the description field enter an identification name for this account.

Step 6. 

Now to save the change and import the AOL contacts from AOL account click to “Next”. When you provide login information in iPhone, it tests that it can send or receive an email from AOL server or not. 

Step 7. 

Click to “Keep on My iPhone” and continue to click on “save”.

Now all AOL email contact get the import to your iPhone easily within few steps. It is more convincing to use iPhone AOL email contacts because it is synchronized. After all, follow these steps successfully still your iPhone doesn’t show AOL contacts then call tech support team of AOL email and ask for a solution. Ring on AOL customer service number which is always reachable for all users. Team of technical support help to shoot out all technical issues every time.


Source URL: How to import AOL Contacts to an iPhone

smith rachel

The AOL email service has provided their service since 1983. This is the free email service based on the web. Due to its web email service, it is easy to access its account from anywhere you want. It has updated its features for customers convince which attract customers to create and use AOL email account. In case of the find, the error to use AOL account users can call on aol customer support number 1-877-848-3933 which is open every time. From any computer, AOL user can send or receive the email with an internet connection. 

The attraction of AOL email service: 

•Unlimited email storage

•Protection from cyber threats. 

•25 MB files can be sent per email

•Easy to import contacts to AOL email

•Just one click to delete emails 

•Synchronization feature 

•One swipe to empty trash and spam folder

If you want to know that your send email has received and read by other AOL users then also you can because AOL email has this feature. If you don’t have an idea how to know your email got read then simply follow these steps which are given below:

1.Log in your AOL email account.

2.On the left column select the sent folder.

3.Check the sent email.

4.Now click on the option of “Action” above the list of sent emails.

5.Now click to “Show message status”. 

6.The message status will show in the dialog box of the email address. 

7.Click on “OK” to exit.

The simple steps will help you to know the status of your send email message. It may possible that you get trouble to due to a technical problem with your AOL email and no result found in the dialog box. 

If it happens there is no need to worry because tech support team is always ready to help you. Just ring the aol mail phone number 1-877-848-3933 which is open for 24×7. The team of experts will assist you anytime you call them and fix the problem in short time. 

Source URL :-http://www.technical-support-tollfree.com/how-to-detect-if-someone-read-your-email-on-aol/


To share authentic information or notice email get used across the world. There are many email service provider companies which may be free or paid. The most important thing which customer should care before choose an email address is its reliability and security. Having an email address which is safe and secure is too important for today’s scenario because of cyber-crimes. There is one of safest email service which is web-based and free of cost. This email service provider company is AOL. It has approx. 10 million active users in the world and regular new users becoming part of AOL family. To help its users in case of any trouble AOL has its technical support team. To contact its customer support team users can dial AOL customer care number +1-800-863-5563 anytime they required help. This email has the latest version of updated features. The benefits of updated features are described below. 

Updated technical features of AOL email service:


Protection from threats: 

The latest version of AOL has 1000 filters for protection of users email id. All kind of suspicious and spam emails directly transfer to spam folder of AOL email.


Compatibility with devices: 

AOL email service can be open on Windows, Android phones,and Mac devices. With these devices, it hasn’t compatibility issues. 


Import contacts to AOL email: 

Another email contact can import to AOL account easily. It helps users to manage their contact easily. 


Trustworthy email account:

Email messages get to save on web because it is a web-based email service, therefore, you can access your account whenever you want. 


A simple option to delete trash and spam email:

All trash and spam emails can be deleted by one tap or click.


Just swipe to delete or mark email:

For mark an email or either has to delete just one swipe is enough in latest updates of AOL.


New updates of AOL email may cause trouble for its new users because they don’t have an idea to use it. Well, it’s not a big issue because AOL users can contact AOL customer service number to get help. This number is open 24×7 for all users.

Source URL:  http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/contact-aol-email-customer-support/


To communicate distance doesn’t matter because the world has become global. The main cause of the globalization is advanced telecom technology. Just because of advanced technology we can share information easily with each other. It takes few seconds to communicate from one side to another side of the world. There are many ways for communication and emailing is one of them. Email address is not only used to share information but it also used for other reasons. AOL provides free emails around the world for all users. It updates its features on regular basis. Just because of advanced features of AOL email it has 10 Million active users. It may possible that its users face problem to use AOL email if it happens then call on AOL customer care number +1-800-863-5563 and discuss it.

Updated features of AOL email: 

The updated features of AOL email provide the amazing experience of emailing to customers by:

1.     Email signature: 

AOL email allows its customers to create a unique email signature. This signature may be simple or include images or links.

2.     AOL stationary:

The coolest feature of AOL email is AOL stationary because has online notebooks, reminders, sticky notes etc. It helps users to remember important events, dates and meetings.

3.     Synchronization feature: 

Due to synchronization feature of AOL, other accounts can be accessed from AOL accounts easily, no need to switch from one account to another. 

4.     Unlimited storage for emails: 

The storage capacity of AOL has enhanced, now unlimited emails can save on AOL accounts. 

5.     Easy to send larger files:

25 MB attachment may be sent via one email. 

6.     Spell checker feature:

The AOL email has one more best features and that is a spell checker. Before sending an email these features make sure all spellings are correct or not. 

These features may cause a problem for the new user. To help its users from technical issues AOL has tech support team which provide its service through AOL technical support. Tech support team has skilled and experienced technicians which solved all issues within the limited time duration. 


Source URL: How to contact AOL Technical Support 
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