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Courtney Sopher

Unable to access AOL Email account

In this fast-moving world, there are many options available through which you communicate with the peoples like email services and others. AOL Email is the prominent web email service which can be used as a tool of communication for both businesses as well as personal purpose. The first step towards using this email is to make a new AOL account by entering all the required information’s. If you have any queries regarding how to create an account then you can always take help from profound professionals through AOL email customer support number reachable 24×7 irrespective of time and location.

But sometimes while logging to AOL account users faces some issues which restrict them to access their emails. You can confront this access issue of your AOL email account because of the following reasons:

•/>re"> Incorrect login details

•/>re"> Problem with the browser

•/>re"> When your account is compromised or hacked

•/>re"> Server and connectivity issue

How to fix unable to access AOL email account issue?

After knowing all the possible causes which can restrict your access right of AOL Email Account you need to eradicate those errors. Users need to follow the guidelines given below:

•/>re"> First and foremost step is to update the browser and device driver of your system. Remove and clear browsers history, cache and cookies data.

•/>re"> Make sure you have active full speed internet connection. Verify that the power cables are connected properly.

•/>re"> Verify that you have entered the username and password in the correct order and correct case. Check to see if the Num Lock and Caps Lock Key is enabled or not.

•/>re"> If you cannot remember the password of your account then it must be recovered by resetting the password with the help of either secondary email address or contact number or by answering the security question

After the successful implementation of this solution steps if still, you are confronting access issue in your AOL account then you must get in touch with AOL app technical support number. The team of experts is available throughout the day in 24 hours to analyze and resolve the query faced by their esteemed customers. You will be delivered with prompt response and complete long lag lasting resolution of the glitch witnessed.

Source URL: https://www.needexpertadvise.com/unable-to-access-aol-email-account/

Courtney Sopher

Verizon move to AOL Email

Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component. In 2015, Verizon expanded its business into content ownership by acquiring AOL email. Since then the users of AOL have been facing some issues. On the other hand, AOL email is a free web-based email service provided by AOL which is a division of Verizon Communications. When Verizon moved to AOL, there occurred many issues that the users face, some of them are discussed on this blog. If you also have some doubts related to this email service then reach out directly to AOL email customer support phone number which stays available round the clock for the solution of user issues.


With its high-end features like more email attachment limit, spam and virus protection, spell check and many more, this email service is among the favorites of users worldwide. With the passage of time, some problems aroused while using this service. Below are some common issues and their solutions.


• I did not migrate my Verizon to AOL. What to do? This is the most common issue encountered by users but now they cannot do anything because the data is no longer available to be recovered

• Why Verizon left the email business? This is because Verizon thought of focusing more on providing best on internet and email platform experience.

• I am having problems signing into AOL and Yahoo with Verizon email address! Make sure you are using the correct email id and username while signing in.

• Does change to my email account will impact my other services? Changing into AOL email account will not affect your Intenet, Fios, TV, or Phone services

• Can I use a third party email program to access my Verizon.net with AOL mail? Yes, you can easily do so but you will just need to update your password that is registered with AOL Mail.

• Whom should I contact in case of help? You can get in touch AOL email customer service phone number directly where the technicians will help you in resolving the issue in no time.


Source URL: https://www.needexpertadvise.com/verizon-move-to-aol-email/

Courtney Sopher

AOL Email Mobile App Support

AOL recently released a new update of Mobile application which needs to be done by the users as soon as possible. With the new AOL media app, people can access their AOL email anywhere and receive instant email notifications. From choosing a video channel to searching the web and changing the weather location, many of the things can be done on AOL application. If you have any query related to the application then reaching out to AOL Email Support number is the best option.

People often deal with some issues while using this email application. The problems vary from device to device but that can be sorted easily by following some troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below.

Steps to update AOL App

Firstly, you need to check for the update if that is required or not. For doing that –

  • Open the AOL App
  • Tap the settings icon
  • Scroll down to support and tap about the AOL app

Your app version will be listed already there and if the version number is lower than 5.2, you will need to perform an update immediately.

For doing the App update


The users of Android device need to open the Google play store and those who use IOS will need to open the app store app on the device.

  • Search for AOL
  • Choose AOL: News email weather video on the app store or google play store
  • Tap update

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You must make sure that before updating, the operating system of your device must fulfill the app requirements. Version 5.2 of the AOL app requires IOS 9.3 or above and Android 4.1 or above. If your mobile does not support the application, then there is no need to worry as you can enjoy your AOL email over the browser of your choice.

In case if you face any troubles in updating your AOL application, then you need to get in touch with AOL Email technical support number, where you will be instantly helped by the team of technical experts who are well versed with this email related issues.

Source URL: https://www.needexpertadvise.com/how-to-update-the-latest-aol-mobile-app/

Courtney Sopher

Get AOL Email Support to Create AOL Email account

Do you want to explore the features of AOL email? Are you unable to create the new account? Are you facing any issues in entering your details? If these questions seem similar to yours then you are definitely reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about creating the new AOL Email account. You can take help from the AOL Email Support Number anytime, for hassle-free creation of your account.

This web email gives you a personalized mail experience to connect with your friends and family. It must be noted that you can be the part of AOL email family in two ways by being the free subscription member and other by being the paid one.

For creating a new account    

           Choose the device through which you want to make your account

           Check if you are well connected to the internet

           Type the URL of the AOL webpage

           Go to the main AOL Page

           Click Login/Join in the upper right-hand corner

           Click Sign up at the bottom of the screen

           Enter and submit the requested information.

In today’s world, where anything is possible with the help of the internet, one should make sure they are entering their details in safe mode. While creating your account on AOL, enter your correct details and don’t forget to safeguard them using a strong password. A password is known to be strong when it is made using the combination of alphabets, symbols, and numerical values.

It is necessary to manage your username and password time to time so as to ensure that no unusual or unethical practices like hacking are taking place. You can manage your email settings according to your preferences. Moreover, you can access a wide range of features. In case if you find it quite tedious to create your account, or face any difficulty, then do get in touch with AOL email technical support phone number which stays available 24×7. The trained technicians will help you in creating your account in the easiest possible manner taking minimum time of yours.>>

Source URL: https://www.needexpertadvise.com/how-to-create-new-aol-email-account/>>

Abbie Cornish
How to fix AOL Email Trouble Signing In issue?>>


AOL Email can be counted as one of the topmost email service providers due to its features and function which is comprised of. You can utilize its feature by simply downloading and installing the App on a smartphone or through the official website. There might be some errors too in it while using such as unable to sign in AOL Email. Well, there is solution too which is provided over here with complete instruction and steps which you have to follow or in case you still face some error in it then one more solution is there in the form of AOL Email Customer Care Number where you will get the assistance from qualified technicians who will handle the issue without any hassle.>>


Set your browser’s security setting to default>>


1.       You have to determine that, which version of the browseryou’re using.>>

2.       After that, you have reset the browser settings to default level.>>

3.       Now you can try to signing in again.>>


Clear your browser’s cookies, cache, history, and footprints>>

1.  In this case, you have to clear all your browser’s cookies, cache, history, and footprints in order to clean your computer’s disk space.>>

2. After completing the step you have to try again signing in.>>


Above method can work as usually websites stores temporary files which includes cookies, cache files, and other temporary images too on your computer. These temporary files and cookies might be the main cause of problems with your e-mail sign in.>>


You have to check it that if your browser’s history settings that how long you have not deleted that so just delete all those history which recorded from a long which will help you in resolving the issue of the sign>>


By following the above-mentioned issues you will be able to resolve the issue in an easy. You have to remember one thing that, you have to follow all the steps one by one and strict manner. Even when you confront some error in any step then you can get the help from AOL Email Customer Support Number where skilled technicians will assist you in resolving the issues.>>



Source URL: - AOL Email Customer Service Number>>

AOL Email Customer Care Number

AOL Mail gives you a personalized mail experience to connect with your family and friends. It provides you with exciting features like spam protection, spells check and many other tools to use, that too free of cost. It is a web-based mailing service provided by AOL Inc. and is available in 54 languages. People all over the world, prefer this webmail service as their priority over others. If you also want to avail the benefits of this email service then, you will need to create an account. You could either take help from the trained team of experts by reaching out to AOL Email Customer Care 1-800-234-6190 that is available 24 hours of the day or you can try to create the account yourself. You can also follow the guide that is undermentioned for making the task easier.

Create a new AOL account

ØVisit the AOL mail ‘sign in’ web page

ØSelect the ‘sign up for free account’ link

ØType in your details including name, username and any other required information on the ‘let's create your account’ form and then select the ‘sign up’ button. Remember, you will need an alternate email address for AOL’s confirmation process, so be ready with that too.

ØLog in to your alternate email account and open the confirmation message from AOL>>

ØSelect the ‘yes, I made this request’ link in the message body to return you to the AOL website.

ØType in your password, select the ‘sign in’ button to verify and activate your account and then click on the ‘OK’ button.

Manage your username and password

In order to access your account, you will need to manage your username and password properly. Don't forget to set your password strong with the combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. This is recommended because users often deal with issues related to password reset, inability to access their account and others. If you find any inconvenience in creating this mail account, then directly connect with AOL Email Customer Support Number for an instant resolution to your query. The technicians will provide you with a permanent solution.


Source URL: How to create new AOL Email account

Abbie Cornish

AOL Customer Care Number

We are in the world of techno-age where everyone is dependent on the Internet and using hi-tech gadgets and products. Even every service is becoming hi-tech in many ways. To communicate, there are several methods, but Email can be counted as one of the best methods due to its safety and security reasons. You can bank on other email service providers, but AOL Email is among the top of the list as it comprises of several unique features and functions which can be utilized in many ways. It is the safest way to communicate and exchange your documents anywhere in the world. Sometimes it is possible that you might face some technical error and need some help to resolve it. Well, you should not worry about such things as here you can get the solution for your issue such as unable to unblock mail in AOL. You are required to follow the instructions as provided over here and even then you failed to resolve the issue then you have another option in the form of AOL Email Technical Support Number where certified experts will assist you in resolving the issue without any hassle. (AOL Desktop Gold for windows).

Here is the process of resolving the issue and you have to just follow the steps in a proper way-


In the beginning, you have to just click on the “Options” which can be found below your name on the official AOL Mail page and then you need to choose “Mail Settings” from the menu in order to open the General Settings page.


After the previous step, you have to just click on “Spam Settings” which can be found in the left navigation pane in order to view all settings which are related to spam. Normally AOL uses the Spam function to block some specific email addresses and domains.


Here you have to first find it out that the blocked email address should not be in the Sender Filter list. If is that so then you have removed from the list or its domain might be on the filter list.


After the previous step you need to roll over the mouse on the email address or domain and then you need to click on the “X” icon which appears on to the right to unblock the domain or email.


Now in this step you are required to uncheck the “Block mail containing pictures or files” and “Block mail containing specific words and phrases” boxes which can be located in the Content Filter section of the spam email which is for the preventing AOL from blocking emails and that contains the pictures or some specific words or phrases.


Finally, you have to just click on the “Save Settings” button in order to save and apply the newly changed settings.

If you can follow the steps which are provided in above description of instruction then you will be able to resolve the issue in a proper way and in any case if you failed to do so then there is another option for you in the form of AOL email customer service phone number where certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue without any hassle. You can avail these services at any time means 24×7 online. (Download Desktop AOL Gold)

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The importance of commutation cannot ignore if we want to be updated with the world. For the authentic way of communication we use emails, there is many email service provider companies which don’t take any charge for it. AOL email is one of them. Since 1993 this email has been providing its service. It has its service in about 54 languages over the world. AOL also provides its technical support team to fix issues of its customers related to AOL email through AOL Email Technical Support.

  • Protection from cyber threats: AOL has 1000 filters to protect its users from cyber threats and viruses. All suspicious emails automatic get transfer to the spam folder.

  • Compatibility with devices: This email app is compatible with Windows, Android phones, and Mac devices.

  • Import contacts to AOL email: All email contact can import to AOL account easily. Which become easy to manage email contacts?

  • Trustworthy email account: Email messages get to save on web because it is a web-based email service, therefore, you can access your account whenever you want.

  • Too simple delete trash and spam email: All trash and spam emails can be deleted by one tap or click.

  • Swipe to delete or mark email: For mark an email or either has to delete just one swipe is enough in latest updates of AOL.

This email service has added many updated features. After its hi-quality email service users face some technical issues.

General issues related to AOL email:     

AOL email users report these issues to the technical support team to fix it.

  • Forget username and password.

  • Error to send or receive emails.

  • Email server down.

  • Technical error to import email contacts.

  • Technical fault to synchronize other emails.

  • Installation problem with AOL email app.

  • Error during web setting.

  • Unable to clear history or cookies of emails.

These all issues can be solved by its technical support team via dial AOL Email Helpline Number 1-844-794-2729 number 24 × 7. The service of customer support is always reachable for all users; therefore, users can reach them anytime when they required help to dissolve their problem.

Source URL: - AOL Email Contact Support Number



Now a day’s internet is an important part of our life, without net facility it is difficult to work. Sending emails, online banking etc. are very important for us. For most of the online works, we need email id. For email facilities, the user can go for many email services. AOL email is one of them and they provide quality service to their millions of users professionally as well as personally. When we use emails then it may be possible to face some problems and no one can deny about it but as usual, every problem has their solution and here is also AOL Email Technical Support Number is provided by the AOL email. Those users who face any problem during access to mail then they can contact their technical support number.

What kind of problem users face during access their AOL email and their solution?

AOL email has millions of users and they use this mail for their personal to professional use. So when they face any problem during access their account can contact to AOL Email technical support number to resolve their problem. The first thing which we need to know what kind of problem occur and how they can be solved.

1. The problem with access their account.
2. Difficult to recover the forgotten passwords.
3. Facing problem with down service.
4. Sign in error
5. The problem with sending or receiving emails.

AOL email is very reputed company but their users face such problems, therefore for their users they provide AOL Email Customer Service +1-844-794-2729. Users can call on that number 24/7. This is a Toll-free number and any AOL user can contact to know how to solve their issues. We have a team of technical professionals and they help users to resolve their problem. We care for our users and give our best for user’s satisfaction. AOL email provides their technical support to their customers all the time. For any inquiry or ask about AOL emails, the user can call on the technical support number which is provided by the AOL email. The team of professionals is always ready to resolve the problems of users

Source :-  http://www.email-technical-support.com/aol-email-technical-support-number/


We are here discussing the issues which are very important for every AOL Email users as well as for the users of Verizon customers. It is to notify that there are some changes in the email settings with third-party email tool and as we know that Verizon moved to AOL so from now onwards the customers of Verizon have to change the settings in their Outlook email organizer if they want to continue sending and receiving emails. For the Verizon customer’s convenience, we are providing a solution over here where the users can change their Verizon email setting to utilize their new AOL Email version and the users are required to follow the instructions as they are provided over here. If they face any technical error while following the instructions then they can reach out us through AOL Email Customer Care Number +1-844-794-2729.

If the users want to send and receive their email in Outlook, they will be required add their email account to Outlook. After that they can add one or more email accounts, including Office 365 accounts, Exchange, Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or other third-party email accounts.

Setting for: Outlook for PC, Outlook for Mac Mobile email

Add a new account quickly

Most email accounts, including Office 365, Exchange server accounts, Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, and Live.com accounts can be set up in a few quick steps.

  1. First the users have to type their email address > Continue.
  2. After that the users have to enter their password > Add Account. (Your screen might look different from this one depending on the account they are adding.)
  3. Now it’s time to Select Doneto start using Outlook 2016 for Mac.

How to update user’s email settings in Outlook for Mac

It might be possible that the users will need to make a change to their email account settings. If they have a new password, or if their email provider has asked them to change settings, or if they are having problems with sending and receiving email, then they can change their email account settings in a few steps.

  1. Now it’s time to open Outlook and select ToolsAccounts.
  2. After that the users have to select the email account they want to change, then select Change.
  3. Now the users are required to visit on the settings page, and after that they can update their incoming and outgoing server names, their email address, their name, their user name, and password. If theyare required to change their SSL settings or their port settings, select More Settings.
  4. The users have to keep in mind that the most common settings to update are on the Outgoing Server tab and the Advanced
    • If they are having problems sending email or are receiving messages about their outgoing server, then they have to make it sure that the box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authenticationis checked.
    • Now towards the last step if they need to update their incoming or outgoing server ports or SSL settings, now use the Advanced

NOTE: For AOL and Verizon customers: selecting SSL/TLS from the drop-down boxes under incoming and outgoing server encrypted connections will have to ensure that they can still send and receive email after November 7, 2017.

  1. When the users are done updating their settings, then select OKNext > Finish.

As we have described that the users can resolve the issue which they were facing for the settings in AOL application particularly for the Verizon customers. The users are required to strictly follow the instructions to resolve their issues in an easy manner. If they face any error while following the instructions then they are required to reach out us through AOL Customer Service to resolve every technical error where our technicians will assist them.

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