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Ramadan is one of the most blessed month of a year in which the reward given by Allah Almighty gets multiplied. All the year, Muslims wait for the arrival of this blessed month. And when this month arrives, they just can’t stop utilizing it in the best way ever. Special gatherings are made in which Quran is recited and then food is eaten at Sehar and Iftar which increases the blessings of this sacred month. Not only in Muslim countries, but the Muslims living in West also make proper preparations for this sacred month.

Although each single day and night of Ramadan has its own importance but there comes a special night in which the reward promised by Allah gets immense. It is said that when a person does any good deed on this night, Muslims brothers and sisters always keep this moment when they choose family umrah packages 2018 because the reward he get is equal to the reward of doing good deeds till thousands of nights. That special night is called the Night of Power and is famously known among Muslims as Lailat-ul-Qadr. It is also said that when a Muslim make Dua on this blessed night, it always get fulfilled. There is a Hadith that when a Muslims stays awake on this holy night and pray for Maghfirat (forgiveness), his sins gets washed away even if they are equal to the stars in the sky. Certainly Allah is the most Generous and Forgiving who listens to the cries of people and shower them the love of more than seventy mothers. 

If we look at the beauty of our religion Islam, we Muslims are definitely the luckiest people on this planet because we are given amazing obligations in the form Ramadan, Hajj, Namaz and many more. Allah has provided us many chances to increase our rewards and to make our life better for a world here after. When the honored Muslims perform Hajj by family hajj packages 2018 or when they offer Namaz and pray on the special nights like Lailat-ul-Qadr, they get all the blessings of Allah which Allah has promised with their fellow men. May Allah give the chance to each single Muslims for staying aware of this special night and for praying on the night of Lailat-ul-Qadr as it is a special nights and only the lucky people get the opportunity to avail the blessings of it. May Allah provide the opportunity to each single Muslims for staying awake and praying on the night of Lailat-ul-Qadr.

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