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Dell Customer Care Number

                          Dell Customer Care Number


A Printer’s History is simply a recorded log and nothing else which is an activity sent to the printer from the computer. It can include many things like active printouts which are in the queue, documents which printed previously, and those documents which were canceled, paused or deleted. If you want to delete this history there is an option for you to delete and to do so you have to just follow a simple process which is provided below and in case you failed to do so or face some error while following the steps below then you have another option in the form of Dell Care Phone Number1-844-787-7041where you will be assisted by the qualified technicians without any delay.

To delete the Dell printer History you have to just follow the steps below-

1.       To begin the process you have to first open the computer’s “Control Panel” from the system menu icon which can find from the taskbar.

2.       After that, you have to just click on the “Hardware and Sound” link which is in the Control Panel options. Now you are required to select the “Printers” link in the Hardware and Sound sub-menu.

3.       In this step, you have to just find out your printer’s icon link in the pop-up window.

4.       After the previous step you have to click on the printer’s icon link just once in order to highlight it, and then you have to select the “See What’s Printing” tab option in the menu which is across the top of the window. Here you will be able to see a pop-up window which will display all of the printer’s history.

5.       Now in this step, you have to just right-click on the printer history for the deletion.

6.       Finally, you will be required to select the “Cancel” or “Cancel All Documents” action in the drop-down menu in order to view and delete printer history items and activity.

The instruction which is provided above will resolve the problem which you are facing while deleting the Dell printer History. You have to make it sure that steps should be followed in a strict manner in order to resolve the error. In case some other error occurs, then you have one more option in the form of Dell Printer Care Numberwhere you will be assisted by the qualified and skilled technicians who will help you in resolving the issue. You can avail this service 24×7 online to get a quick response.

Source URL:  https://delltechcare.1msite.com/index.html

Dell Customer Support

Consider a situation where you need to take out printouts of thousand page and while printing a pop up appeared which reads “Paper jam”. After seeing this issue you may get irritated and get started to research about the ways by which you can get out of this trouble. In order to save your precious time, you can get in touch with Dell customer support 1-844-794-2515 available 24x7 to help you solve the issue with quick and easy solutions.

You will receive error code depending upon where the paper can get stuck:


Paper Jam 0-  Paper got stuck in the feed tray

Paper Jam 1-Jam is in the fuser

Paper Jam 2-On the way out of printer paper got stuck

The possible reason why your paper got stuck in the printer are:

Paper is wrinkled- The papers which are there on the paper tray are wrinkled or not smooth

Too much Paper– If the tray has exceeded the number of papers that must be in the paper tray.

Incorrect loading- Always keep the papers the in the right position and correct way as directed in the paper tray.

How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam error

Paper Jam error is not knotty as you may think this can be easily solved by following some simple steps:

Turn of the printer

Remove all the cables

Open the front door

Pull out the toner cartridge gently

Then pull the imaging unit from the printer

If you are able to see any jammed paper then remove it with great care

Now insert the imaging unit, toner cartridge and close the door

Then turn on the printer and click ‘OK’ to clear the message on the printer

The solution step can differ slightly depending upon the model of printer. But after doing the steps as given you are still not able to rectify the problem then there must be some other problem. For resolving this unexpected error you can reach Dell technical support number who are online at all time. The professionals are well versed in solving an issue related to any model of Dell printer. They will diagnose the technical glitch first and then give will prompt resolution.

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Dell Customer Care Number

Dell Customer Care Number>>

The Dell Inspiron B130 notebook has some inbuilt features which can help you in restoring the factory settings. The basic purpose of restoring the factory setting is as it is the last option to reclaim the computer from the affected viruses which can damage the system as well as the vital data. The restoring process is very easy in Dell Inspiron and a common user can easily resolve such issue by following the steps below mentioned. In case you still face some error in restoring the factory settings then you have another option in the form of Dell Customer Care where you will be assisted by the certified technicians without any kind of hassle.>>

1.       Before starting the process you have to first take the backup of all the files which you feel are important for you as in between the process, all the data will be erased during restoring process. To do so you will be required to connect the hard drive to the computer via USB cable and transfer all the valuable data, images music and other programs into the hard drive’s folder. After doing so you will be required to right-click on the hard drive’s folder icon and just choose eject option to remove the hard drive from the laptop.>>

2.       In this step, you have to remove all those hardware devices which might be of no use as they can be damaged in between the process of restoring. Now you have to just disconnect any scanner, USB drive or MP3 player, smartphones and any other external drive for the safety purpose.>>

3.       After the previous step, you will be needed to close all those programs which are running on the laptop and then turn off the laptop. After that, you have to just turn on the power on back and press and hold the F8 key when you see the Dell logo on the screen in order to open the “Advanced Boot Options” screen. You have to ensure it that you have completed this step before Windows loads.>>

4.       In this step, you have to scroll down to highlight the “Repair Your Computer” selection and then just press “Enter” on the keyboard. Now you will be needed to click on the “Next” option on the welcome screen and after that just log-in to the administrator account for the laptop.>>

By following the above-mentioned process, you will be able to restore the factory settings of a laptop in an easy way. You have to make it sure that you have to follow each and every step in a strict manner. In case if you face any problem while following the steps then no need to worry as there is another option for you to resolve the error in the form of Dell Customer Care Number where you will get the help of skilled technicians without any kind of hassle. You can avail the service 24×7 online.>>

Source: - >>http://www.cinenetworld.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=45171

Dell Customer Support

Do you like to use advanced technology? You must be familiar with issues of devices. Doesn’t matter you are purchasing a top brand product or anything else. You will face some issues with that product, even some issues occur due to customer mistake. In this situation instead of blaming the company, you need to reach customer support and ask for a solution. Dell Corporation provides its world-class products with advanced technology but still, some users get hassle. Therefore to troubleshoot the issues related to Dell product, customer care is always available. A customer of Dell can opt for Dell Customer Care Number 1-844-794-2515 for troubleshooting. Related to any kind of issue of Dell products you can ask tech support technicians to fix it. The tech support of customer care has dedicated and trained technicians to provide its customers an instant solution. 

In 1984, Dell Corporation established by Michel Dell. The founder of Dell had the vision to provide best computers at affordable rates to the world. Gradually, the Dell Corporation get started manufacturing of its own computers. Now this company is not limited to computers but also manufactures printers, networking devices, servers, data storage devices and more products. 

Dell is listed as topmost computer technology Company in the world. This company is famous for its reliable product quality. Laptop, computer, printer etc. of the Dell brand has millions of active users in the world. However, some customers of Dell face a problem with its products. In that condition, customers require tech support help. 

If users of Dell get stuck with problems and want help to resolve the problem. Customers should try Dell Customer Support Number which is always available for all users. Whenever customers want they can try this number to get a solution to their problem. The technical team of Dell customer care is 24 X 7 available to sort out the technical issues faced by its customers. Whenever customers of Dell want help they can reach to customer care without hesitation because team of tech support is always available for customer’s help. 


Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/dell-technical-support-tollfree/

Dell Customer Support

The multinational company Dell Corporation don’t need an introduction. The product of Dell has been used by every corner of the world just because of its reliable product quality. When the Dell offers its ultimate products service, that’s why people love it. This company established in 1939 in Round Rock, Taxes, the United States by Michel Dell. At that time the founder of Dell Mr. Michel Dell had the vision to provide people best computers at affordable rates. Finally, after so many years, Dell is known for its best products at affordable rates. Developers of Dell use advanced technology for manufacturing of its products. When users get hi-tech features at best price then why to go for expensive products? Although the Dell Products are reliable, advanced but still not perfect. It might be possible that you think why dell products are not perfect? So, let’s have a look there are many problems faced by the user which need tech support help. If you also want to get help through customer care then use Dell Customer Care 1-844-794-2515. On the call, your all issues will be sorted out within a short span. To get a solution for your Dell product issues simplest way is Dell tech support.

Troubles which faced by the Dell products customers:

Dell computer suddenly shut down the problem 


Trouble due to overheating of Dell computer


The computer hanging problem 


The laptop of Dell doesn’t get a charge 


Technical issue with Dell printer


The printer of Dell won’t turn on


Installation problem of Dell printer


Error occurs at the time of printing via Dell printer

These all issues are only a few examples of dell product issues. Related to Dell all technical problems get solved by the experts. If you ever struck with the problem of Dell products, ask the technical team to help you. To reach customer care team you can opt for Dell Technical Support Number. This number is always available for Dell customers. So, whenever you need help just try this number and share your problem with tech support team. 

Source URL: Dell Customer Service

Dell Customer Support

In the market of electronics and software technology the name of Dell Corporation is on the top. Due to superb quality of Dell products, it has many users. Since 1984 this company has been offering its amazing products. Business of Dell has spread over 170 countries. Network device, laptop, computers, storage device, MP3 players and many products are manufactured & marketed by Dell Corporation. Due to advanced features sometime users of Dell face trouble. Therefore technical support team are always available for customer’s help. Via Dell Customer Care Number 1-844-794-2515 users will get assistance from tech support to fix the issues. When the users of its product are spread over 170 countries then, defiantly some of them face problem. On this blog you will find the issues of Dell products.

Technical problems having by the Dell product users:


Dell laptop users face trouble to turn it on


Screen of computer turn blank 


Installation problem with Dell printer 


The printer shows paper jam error


Laptop won’t charge 


Notebook screen is too sensitive 


Technical trouble to printer spooler


Print headof Dell printer not responding 


AC adaptor of Dell computer is not working


Laptop screen get freeze

Whenever users need help to sort out Dell product issues, they can opt for customer care team. These all issues of Dell can be fixed by the help of customer care. So there is no need to take tension. Whenever you struck with technical problem related to Dell products, just try Dell Customer Support Number and tell experts to help you. Related to any product issues will be sort out by the help of trained technicians. The team of tech support are dedicate for their work & provide solution to its customers. 24 X 7 service of customer care provide exact solution for its users. To rectify the dell product problems customer support is always ready whenever users want. So, leave the tension if you ever get hassles with its products. There is no need to be upset when tech support is available for you. 

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/find-solution-for-dell-products/

Dell Customer Support

The multination company Dell doesn’t need any formal introduction because this is already famous because of its ultimate products & services. The Dell Corporation was founded in 1984 by Michel Dell. The Dell Corporation is an American multinational industry. Now this company is listed and top computer manufacturers. Well, there are so many products are offered by Dell like computers, printers, tablets, data storage devices, routers, laptops, MP3 players etc. The products are Dell are based on high advanced technologies but sometime it shows hassles. For troubleshoot the Dell product issues users can opt for tech support team. Through Dell Customer Care Number 1-844-794-2515 users can resolve all technical issues. There is no need to hesitate if you are getting the problem. Technical experts are always available for their customers help.

Issues solved by technical experts of customer care:

There are plenty of issues occurs with Dell products and the experts fix them within the short time limit. Let’s see which type of issues occurs with Dell products and how the customer can find the solution


The Dell computer get a freeze or crash


Technical trouble while turn on the Dell laptop

Users of Dell face trouble due to printer won’t print.

Some users feel difficulty to install the Dell printer


Dell laptop perform too slow

The computer won’t charge


Printer shows invalid ink cartridge error message

There are many issues which occur with Dell products users. If you are also looking for help to resolve the Dell product problem. There is the best way to resolve all issues related to Dell product. Through Dell Tech Support Number you can find the solution. Whenever you get trouble with Dell product just ask tech support team for help. The trained experts of Dell technical support will troubleshoot any kind of problem with Dell product. The dedicated experts are 24 X 7 available to rectify the customer’s issues. So, if you want to get help and resolve the issues with Dell product within a short time. You should reach out to the customer care team. 

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/dell-customer-support-24x7-to-help-customers/

Sharen Smith

Dell laptop customer support number
Although, this is quite a common issue which the users might confront with very often. There are few reasons behind the issue and in order to resolve the issue, you need to know the root cause of that. Due to overheating laptop which might be the main reason for hardware failure. Normally the customers ignore such things as they don’t understand the consequences of overheating of the laptop. There might be some reasons behind that such as a 24×7 laptop is on, too many videos might be seen on it, air vents are not working properly, the processor is overloaded and some others. Well, you should not worry as you can get the solution over here with complete process and instructions. You are required to follow the steps one by one and even then you failed to do so then you can try another option to resolve the issue through Dell Laptop Technical Support Phone Number with the help of qualified technicians.
There is no point that you can ignore this issue at all as if it is linger on then it might damage the whole Laptop in a bad way and that to repairable and it will corrupt the other hardware parts too as well software also. So before this issue becomes too big you are required to take a step to resolve it at the earliest. In order to resolve the issue, you need to follow the steps provided in the instruction below-
Efficiently use of laptop-The laptop is required to handle with care as it is an electronic device. It is required to use by putting on the table and needs to use it on lap, pillow, bed as it generates the lit bit heat all such mentioned things are very conductor of heat and it might be the cause of overheating.
Room temperature should be normalIt is suggested that the temperature should be very normal or cool otherwise this overheating problem will continue. So you should keep in mind that wherever you working on a laptop, the temperature should be very high as it can cause an overheating problem and its range should be 00 C – 350 C with maximum 90% moisture. You have to always keep this in mind that higher the temperature will higher the risk of overheating.
Time to time service and cleaning-If you want the longevity of the laptop then you should remember one thing and that is it’s time to time servicing and cleaning which will keep the dust and particles away from it which might interrupt the processing system and can cause the overheating. Servicing and cleaning keep the temperature cool down which will enhance the performance.
Updating BIOS and another hardware deviceBy doing so it will help you in the performance of a laptop in an amazing way. You can monitor the performance of laptop by some utility software. You should update the BIOS system also. Upgrading is a better way in order to keep the system cool. So time to time you should update the system.
All the methods can be applied at least once if you face overheating problem on the laptop as it will keep the system cool ever. In case nothing works then no need to worry as there is another option to handle this issues through Dell customer care Number where your issues will be handled by the qualified technicians within a short span of time and with the perfect solution.
Source URL :  http://www.dellcustomersupportnumber.com/dell-customer-care-usa-support-number/

Dell Customer Support

The productof good brand doesn’t require any formal introduction to Dell. Of course, Dell is one of the leading company in the world. Dell Corporation is listed in top-class computer selling companies. This company was founded in 1984 by Michel Dell. The founder of this organization started Dell Corporation to sell IBM products. Both companies had a bond for selling the IBM computers. After sometime Dell launched its own computers. These computers were manufactured by Dell Corporation and it was a great challenge for Dell. Although Dell captured the market with a boom. Hence the products of Dell was new in the market, therefore, it also possesses lots of hassles. To solve issues with Dell products users required some technical help. Therefore a team of customer support started their service for customers. Even in this era if users face an error with Dell products they can try Dell Customer Care Number 1-844-794-2515. Through the customer care number, it is very simple to solve technical issues. The trained experts of tech support team allow their customers to reach themselves all the time. 

If you are Dell products users like computers, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, routers etc. This is good news for you “technical support team is 24 X 7 available.” It means whenever you get trouble with Dell products you can opt for customer care team. Let’s see which kind of issues resolved by tech support experts.

Some Issues of Dell products:

Dell laptop Issues:-

/>     Dell Laptop get freezes or window crashes

/>    Laptop hanging error.

/>ySudden laptop turn off and not getting turn on.

Dell computer issues:

/>yUsers of Dell computer found trouble when their computer screen turns blank.>>

/>yComputer screen stops inrespond.

/>yResolution and brightness level issues.

Dell printer issues:

/>yPrinter won’t turns on

/>  Paper jamming issue

/>ySmear on printing papers

For users, the technical support team is always available to rectify their problems related to Dell products. If you want a solution for Dell products problems uses Dell Customer Support Number Through this number ask the experts of customer care to help you. The service of Dell tech support is 24 X 7 available. 

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/dell-customer-service-tollfree/

Dell Customer Support

Technology is quite advance these days and in the same way, there are several brands producing a different kind of products in the market with the latest and advanced technology. You might be looking for the products like computer, laptop, and printer for the official or person purpose. So now onward you need not require to search for such things as Dell has all such kind of products for which you are looking. Dell is one of the most usable brands in the world with billions of users. It has many products like, computers with different models, Laptop, printer, scanner, notebooks, software, servers, mobile phones and many other products which can be utilized for the routine purpose. Despite such kind of nice things about Dell you might face some technical errors and to resolve them, you can reach out to Dell Customer Care Number 1-844-762-3952 where you can resolve every issue instantly. Due to that it maintained its standard and evolved itself as a front-runner in the race of brand image. 

It always utilizes the latest technology for the products. Dell always worked for the customers from the beginning and take care of in mind about their requirements and manufactured such kind of products which can be in budget too. Dell products are quite advanced in every manner and that is the main reason, why it is a leading brand. Those who haven’t utilized its products yet can try at least once to check it is up to the mark or not. 

Despite such kind of quality products, there is a chance that you might confront with some technical hiccups and need some help to resolve the same. The error might be with any product like a computer, laptop or printer. So if you ever face any error then you are required to just reach out to the technical support team to resolve the issues Dell Technical Support Number and the team is comprised of qualified and skilled technicians who can rectify each and every error within a short span of time. The technicians will assist you in a proper way as they will diagnose the issue first and then analyze the exact problem and then you will get the solution to that particular issue.

It is not necessary that you can’t resolve the technical error on your own. In some cases, you can resolve the issues but mostly the issues are too technical that you need the assistance of a certified technician who can handle the issue in a proper manner. So whenever any kind of technical issue occurs, you have the option of the technical support team.

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/dell-technical-support/

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