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I am little confused about “Is it compulsory to visit Ziyarat of Madinah during Umrah?”. I am an employee at International firm and I am going for Umrah with 10 days leave from office. Due to fewer holidays, I have no much time to visit all Ziyarat places. Therefore, I am worried about it, without it my Umrah will be accepted or not??? 

Is Wearing Hijab Compulsory for Women in Islam or during Hajj and Umrah??? I am going with my wife and mother. And they wear Hijab and cover their body full. So, they can do same there??? 

For Holy Places, I have searched some famous historical places and can I visit these some places??? See these places here,

The Prophet’s Mosque  

Every Muslim has a dream to see this glorious and wonderful mosque of Green Tomb. And it’s my 

wish to visit it. 

Baba e Jibril 

The Entrance point of Masjid e Nabvi is Bab e Jibril or Bab us Salaam. 

Sahaba’s Graves

The famous Sahaba’s Graves are there such as Hazrat Abu baker Saddique and Hazrat Umar e Farooq.

Jannat Al Baqi 

The holiest graveyard of Muslims is Jannat Al Baqi. 

Masjid Quba 

The foundation of the first mosque is Masjid e Quba. 

Places of Badr and Uhud

The places of Badr and Uhud have great significance in the history of Islam. Where the Prophet (PBUH) fought with Non-Muslims. 

So, I can just visit these places? Please guide me if we don’t visit all places, there is some problem or not?? Thank you,


One of the current hazards which retains on growing with every single passing day is stress that has been lingering beings across the world for ages. The people of different areas, culture, classes etc. have experienced this common disease. According to physiology, the stress can be controlled by person mind due to primarily an intellectual. Through their concentration is the best way to fight and therapy stress. But, for the Muslims fighting with stress is easy due to the Holy Quran which Allah has provided a faultless complete code of life. Muslims can easily keep the stress at the inlet and live a content life with trifling pressure to the awareness by following factors. 

Peacemaker - Quran E Pak

The best way to control your stress is Reciting the Holy Quran daily which is very soother and stress-free procedure. After reciting the Holy Quran, a person feels relax and comfortable and forgets all worries and anxieties. This Holy Book teaches us to live peacefully in society, help needy and poor people, avoid from wrongdoings etc. If Muslims make their routine to recite the Holy Book daily then they never face the problems in worldly life. 

We should listen the Holy Quran every morning to get the blessings of Allah. If you have memorized the Holy Quran, it is easy to recite anytime, anywhere, and you can also teach the others at every place, which is the best quality of the person.    

Worldly Life as an Exam 

A true believer always thinks that the problems and issues are the tests for him and Allah will give the reward for him in Jannah. Yes, we all admit that ups and downs are the part of life and in every condition, just thank Allah for His Blessings, then you will feel easy and spend a life stress-free. Allah Said that in the Holy Quran, 

“Be certain We will exam you with roughly of anxiety and starvation, some harm in goods or lives, but give happy words to those who are unwavering, who say when distressed with the mishap, To Allah we belong and to him is our return. They are those on who (Fall away) blessings from Allah and clemency and they are the ones that obtain supervision.” (2:155)

Have Trust in Allah

We should have blind faith in Allah, His prophets, Angels, Holy Books, and the Last Book Holy Quran and Last Prophet (PBUH). Just keep trust on Allah then we will live stress-free and peaceful life definitely. Allah Said that,  

“In their heart, there is an ailment and Allah has enhanced their ailment and dangerous is their penalty because they lie to themselves.” (2:10)

So, just keep strong believe in Allah and follow His instructions to spend a peaceful and tension-free life. The best way to get the more blessings, then visit the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah with Cheap Flight Umrah Package 2018 for uk people and make your journey safe and comfortable. 

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