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jean ghosh

Just think you are working something important work and suddenly your MS office crash down, how do you feel. In such situation you have two situations one leaves it and the second one is to call MS office tech support. Well, the issue may be in hard disk or RAM. To take help of tech support team call on ms office customer support  1-877-833-8252. MS Office has a new tool for diagnosing the issue. Run MS Diagnostics in Microsoft office 2007 or 2003 for better repair of your system.

MS Diagnostic check for a fault in every part of the device, which may cause of MS office crash.

Diagnostic Setup:Within 15 minutes all files and registry scanned which are generated by viruses and faulty installation.

Diagnosis the desk:To check potential problem hard disk scan by MS Diagnose. If the hard disk is the reason for the crash it would detect.

Diagnosis the memory:The memory diagnosis is done to check the stability of the RAM.

Compatibility Diagnosis of the device:The compatibility factor may one reason for the issue, the MS diagnose check for compatibility and detect the problem.

Close all tabs and programs before running the diagnostic test. Don’t use the computer during a check-up.

Search MS Office Diagnostic under the menu of MS office tools groups.

1.It takes 15 minutes to diagnose the window. Connect to the server by click on continue.

2.Click on continue to diagnose the problem. The test will show on the screen.

3.The diagnosis of glitches notifies on screen one by one, if there is no issue then it complete diagnosis within 15 minutes.

4.At the last it gives a summary result, it doesn’t show specific error on the screen. This tool also repairs some installation. Click on continue to connect to Microsoft’s vast information.

These steps diagnose the MS office and help to fix the problem. To save your time and have shortcut process to have one tool checkup on a single office application.

•Diagnostics on MS Word may access from Microsoft Office Button – Word Options – Resources


•For MS Excel/MS Access/MS PowerPoint, the tool may access from Microsoft Office Button – [Office Suite] Options – Resources

•For the others like MS Outlook/MS Visio/MS SharePoint Designer/MS Project/MS Publisher, the source is: Help – Office Diagnostics

Note: If you found that above option is failed to open then access the app directly from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\ offdiag.exe.

If again you found that problem is unable to fix then contact to ms office support number 1-877-833-8252 on which number you will get assist by the team to fix your problem. This service is open for 24×7 hours always.

Source Url -  http://www.microsoftcustomersupportnumber.com/how-to-fix-when-ms-office-crash-down/

jean ghosh

>In the modern era, MS office is an important part of our work. We use MS office to prepare documents, files and official works. Microsoft office is an application which was proposed by Bill gates in 1988. Microsoft office has several versions available for users. Now, MS office is compatible with all devices but sometimes it creates a problem with some devices. To fix the technical problem of MS Office Tech Support Number1-877-833-8252 has issued by MS. If any user gets the problem in the handling of MS office then they may take help of our technical team.




MS Word: MS Word used to prepare documents. In 2007 MS Word was first time introduce for windows.


MS Excel: It is a spreadsheet. The first version of MS Excel was introduced in 1985 and window version in 1987.


MS PowerPoint: It is presentation program to prepare slideshows, graphics, designs etc.


MS Access: MS Access is data management system for windows.


MS Outlook: This program works as personal information manager.


MS OneNote: MS OneNote provide users to type notes, audio commentaries and handwriting, these data can be shared with other MS OneNote users.


MS Publisher: It is a desktop publishing apps which is being used to prepare cards, labels, greeting etc.


Skype for business: This application cannot use properly without good network connections. Skype is used for professional communication.


MS Projects: This app is used for project management, users’ track events and create network chart.


MS Visio: MS Visio application provides users flowchart and diagram on windows.


MS office has made our work easier. Now a day’s new version of MS office helps users to grow their profession. MS office keeps upgrading their versions to provide best services. Regarding any quarry or issues, you can call on MS Office Tech Support Number 1-877-833-8252.

This number is available for all user without any cost. To get the solution to your problem just call experts. The team of MS professional would help you.




Source Link - http://www.microsoftcustomersupportnumber.com/ms-office-tech-support/

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