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I am little confused about “Is it compulsory to visit Ziyarat of Madinah during Umrah?”. I am an employee at International firm and I am going for Umrah with 10 days leave from office. Due to fewer holidays, I have no much time to visit all Ziyarat places. Therefore, I am worried about it, without it my Umrah will be accepted or not??? 

Is Wearing Hijab Compulsory for Women in Islam or during Hajj and Umrah??? I am going with my wife and mother. And they wear Hijab and cover their body full. So, they can do same there??? 

For Holy Places, I have searched some famous historical places and can I visit these some places??? See these places here,

The Prophet’s Mosque  

Every Muslim has a dream to see this glorious and wonderful mosque of Green Tomb. And it’s my 

wish to visit it. 

Baba e Jibril 

The Entrance point of Masjid e Nabvi is Bab e Jibril or Bab us Salaam. 

Sahaba’s Graves

The famous Sahaba’s Graves are there such as Hazrat Abu baker Saddique and Hazrat Umar e Farooq.

Jannat Al Baqi 

The holiest graveyard of Muslims is Jannat Al Baqi. 

Masjid Quba 

The foundation of the first mosque is Masjid e Quba. 

Places of Badr and Uhud

The places of Badr and Uhud have great significance in the history of Islam. Where the Prophet (PBUH) fought with Non-Muslims. 

So, I can just visit these places? Please guide me if we don’t visit all places, there is some problem or not?? Thank you,

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