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Will the Chicago Bears re-sign Alshon Jeffery long-term? The Chicago Bears announced that they will not franchise tag their star wide receiver Alshon Jeffery for another season, allowing him to test the free agency waters. This decision, however, does not mean that the Bears have completely shut out the possibility of re-signing Jeffery to a long-term deal. Will Chicago end up keeping their star to help the offensive rebuild progress more quickly? Or will the Bears take two steps back by letting their only proven threat on the outside walk away?I truly believe Jeffery will end up coming back to Chicago. This move seems to be more about making sure the Arizona Coyotes don’t overpay him above anything else. With several receivers across the league signing extensions or due for new contracts, most notably Antonio Brown‘s enormous contract extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers paying him roughly $18 million each year, the Bears just didn’t feel comfortable with using a franchise tag on Jeffery that would mean paying him even more than they did last season. For a player who has seen his production slip these past two seasons, has battled injuries and even dealt with a suspension for PED use this past season, Jeffery’s pay with the franchise tag would be astronomical given the circumstances.That being said, Jeffery is still a top-5 receiver in this league talent-wise when he plays to his potential. He deserves to be paid a hefty sum, however the Bears seem to be taking a more passive approach in determining what that sum should be. I believe the team will let the market set Jeffery’s price, and offer him a contract along the same lines as the top offers from other teams. Boston Bruins The New England Patriots took a similar approach with safety Devin McCourty last season, where they did not extend a contract offer to him until after he hit free agency, letting the offers of other teams determine the amount they would offer him. It is a smart strategy for a team like the Bears that has the money needed to pay a star like Jeffery, but also has other positional needs it must fill in order to be competitive.
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Why the Chicago Bears must bring back Brian Hoyer Brian Hoyer is not the quarterback of the future for the Chicago Bears. But that should not stop the team from bringing him back to Chicago this off-season. Hoyer should be the starter for the Bears entering next season as he is the most reliable option for the team at the moment.The Chicago Bears should bring back quarterback Brian Hoyer (2) this off-season. He can be a reliable starter or backup. Photo by:Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports.Hoyer’s career stats are not the most impressive as he has a 59.5 percent completion percentage, 8,608 passing yards, 44 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions. Last season he threw for 1,445 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions in six games. He completed 67 percent of his passes last year and was able to move the team’s offense down the field efficiently. If the Bears pick a quarterback in this year’s draft it makes sense to have Hoyer be the starter while the rookie develops on the bench.Right now Hoyer fits well into Houston Texans offensive scheme. He doesn’t have the strongest arm out there, but the Bears use a lot of short to medium passes anyway. He is a bit conservative when it comes to decision making but that will actually help the team. They need a quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over a lot as the defense is young and not that good. His time as a starter will be temporary as he will only start until the team decides that the rookie quarterback is ready.
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