The Illegal Business


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The Illegal Business

In the streets, the biggest betrayal is disloyalty- and the punishment is irrevocable in this high-wire, adrenaline-charged thriller. Henchman to notorious crime boss Dominic (Victor Zaragoza), Tony (Jose Rosete) has been playing a dangerous game, selling drugs on his own. When Tony gets close to a dirty cop, the noose tightens around his neck, and it's only a matter of time until he makes a careless mistake- a mistake that pits him against Dominic, his partner Daniel (David Petersen), his drug connection and the police in an explosive confrontation that tears apart the streets. This is the 10th movie collaboration from the brothers Ed and Jose Quiroz, with so much experience I would have expected better. The movie is centered on two gangsters who are working for Lead man played by Victor Sarigosa. On the acting front, most actors look very uncomfortable in their stance and some of the actors appeared to have trouble walking. Jose Rosete shines way way above the other actors and I believe saves the movie from being just awful, but even so, he is well below par. The film gets off to a shaky start, I initially thought that I had sat down in front of an adult movie, after about twenty or so minutes the film picked up pace and with some very good editing it became very good and dare I say engrossing, the most striking observation at this point is that there is little if no dialogue and each scene is cut to bare minimum in length. Overall it is the script and cinematography that lets this movie down more than anything but having said that, the camera work is probably good considering what equipment I imagine the crew are using. More noticeable is a lack of attention to detail. For instance the homes where most of the filming takes place are believed to belong to these tough criminals but the decor and level of cleanliness, not to mention a vase of flowers which wanders into shot several times leads us to think that they are the homes of middle aged ladies, which kept me thinking that these guys live with their mothers, but where are they? If this had been the first film by the Quirozes I believe it would have been a good attempt, however, after more than ten films apiece the product is very poor. Sorry guys I winced during the arm breaking scene and I laughed at the "tampon" reference. Say what ever you want negatively about this movie, but the fact is they MADE A MOVIE and its on the shelves in Blockbuster. How many people can say that? The acting isn't that great, but if you want great acting, rent a Al Pacino movie. The guns appear to be cap guns. Bruised eyes looks more like the results of a red marker fight and the gangsters have bed pillows with flowers imprinted on them. BUT, Illegal Business is what guerrilla film-making is all about... getting together with friends and making a movie for the love of it. This is exactly the type of movie we need to appreciate, respect and SUPPORT. Great job, guys. 7cb1d79195

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