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aaliyahdaniel Dec 22 '17

It's quite simple really Power Bet System people tend to treat it as a bit of a game, a laugh, not to be taken too seriously. Bookmakers get rich on this cavalier attitude, they have big, big houses paid for and furnished by the "mugs" who throw their money away on hopeless strategies and chance They love the lucky fifteens, the 6 horse accumulators and the 12 match coupon, these bets pay for all their luxury holidays-Do you know of any other moneymaking enterprise where you would leave so much to chance? If you ran your everyday business on tips & hearsay, you would soon be broke, wouldn't you?That's not to say that their aren't some good tipsters out there, their are, but very few, good long term profitable ones. So why leave horse racing to chance? sure it's a lot of fun watching your horse run & lose, isn't it? Only if you lay horses, then it's fun, if not - it's not fun, it's MADNESS!!

Why do I lay horses to lose? How is this better than backing them to win? It's simple; I have more horses running for me in any given race than people who are backing to win and although it's not easy,I find it easier to find a short priced loser, than to find a reasonable priced winner, this is very important. It's no good betting favourites to win, as most of the prices offered about these horses are far, far lower than their actual chances of winning. A third of favourites win, most punters bet the favourite, and although they win some of the time, because of the mean prices on offer most of the time, they will lose money overall.


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