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Jeni Robert
Jeni Robert Dec 22 '17

Many of the  Easy Cellar Review  scientists brought to our country were die hard third Reich followers who could never change their political views. In all we ended up bring over 1,600 German scientists, spies, and engineers across the Atlantic specifically to work on Paperclip projects.

Eventually our country released hundreds of declassified documents which revealed the goals of Operation Paperclip and the experiments which were conducted by the previous German scientists here in America. Don't think for one moment that these previous German scientists were trusted by America for they were not. Every project they conducted was supervised by CIA officials with many intelligence agents monitoring all aspects of the program.

Have you heard about the Mayan Predictions for 2012? The Mayans were some of the most intelligent and skilled of the Mesoamerican cultures. They were skilled mathematicians, farmers, craftsman, astronomers, and artists. They have been credited for developing the Mayan long count calendar which has been used for thousands of years and has remained accurate up until our present day. The Mayan predictions for 2012 believe that the world will end or go through a dramatic transformation on December 21, 2012.


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