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Forusa Kevi
Forusa Kevi Dec 26 '17

However, it happens that sometimes the movement of that joint does not work as it should be because it is off-center and causes frictions that alter the cartilage and make it thinner.When this happens the knee can begin to produce sounds when certain movements are made such as walking, going up or down stairs, bending the legs, etc., but the most annoying is a feeling of not being able to properly bend the knee and also feel discomfort and pain . This type of condition is called patellofemoral chondromalacia or also called patellar or patellar, which can affect those who suffer from it with different degrees of pain and intensity.Doctors say that the most common group that can suffer from this problem are athletes, especially runners, people who are subject to a high degree of stress and workload and older adults.TestoBoost Pro

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