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It is from my personal experienceMeditation Mastery Secrets to thinking big, developing a 'can do' attitude in tough times that have helped me tremendously, that I am writing this article. Nothing is fearful to me anymore for I know everything is in my mind in the form of thoughts.

I remember Wayne Dyer's comment, 'there are no weeds out there. Your thinking makes it so'. How true! When you see lots of tiny yellow flowers in the green grass, they don't look like weeds. They are so beautiful on the green background but we pull them out because we think they're weeds!You owe it to yourself to think of unlimited prosperity, because abundance IS reality. There is no lack, no shortage. You become what you think about most of the time. It is the limited, scarcity mentality which makes it appear that we cannot get all we want. There is plenty for everyone. When you loose a thing, believe me it is always replaced with something else.When I was little my mother always used to say that God gave everyone a pot and the pot is always full. She said it is important for us to share with others so that it can be refilled otherwise we'll be stagnant just like the pot with water, never used is not palatable anymore! What a simple way of explaining the remarkable concept!

If you believe it can be done, you will experience all sorts of support coming in your way from all different directions. I have experienced it many times in my life. All your accomplishments until now are based on what you believed. Nothing happens by accident. There is no accident in this universe. There is a pattern or rhythm in this chaotic appearance of the universe.Think about where you are right now. You are where you are today, because you believed that you can reach here, even if you don't like the place where you are right now. You still can change your belief and move on. No one is stuck anywhere. You can take any class online, get certifications and do what you want. Globalization and technology has enhanced our opportunities beyond imagination. We live in an unparalleled period of opportunity in the history of human kind.


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