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princyjohn Jan 2

The underlying premise of this method Green Barley Plus  of weight loss to shape the face is this: if you concentrate on reducing your overall body fat, your face fat will be reduced as well. In fact, when you start losing weight in your body, one of the first differences many people will notice is that your facial fat begins to disappear. This is especially true for people who have chubby cheeks. The cheek bones will become a little more defined, and that process will continue throughout your weight loss efforts.

Or rather, eat more often. The key here is to begin to eat more small meals rather than two or three larger meals. The traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine is one of the main reasons why Americans have such high rates of obesity. We were never designed to eat like that. In fact, your body is only capable of using so much food at a time. When we eat three large meals each day, a good portion of each meal cannot be efficiently used by

 the body and thus gets stored as fat. By eating six smaller meals throughout the day you will enable your body to have an opportunity to actually use the food you provide it. The net result is that there will be fewer unspent calories to be converted into fat.


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