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Jeni Robert
Jeni Robert Jan 2

The second use for  Slow Horse Luke Review  odds is to determine the chances or probability of a horse winning the race. Because the odds are set by 

the bettors in pari-mutuel wagering, the odds often reflect the horses actual chances of winning. The breakage and vig, the 

takeout, also has to be figured in but when all the calculations are made, it's amazing how well the odds board on a typical 

race really does sum up each runner's chances of winning.

Racing luck is something we often hear about but no one knows how to control it. It has a lot to do with being in the right 

place at the right time, such as sitting on the rail behind horses and then an opening magically appears just when your horse 

is getting into gear. Your horse shoots through the opening and wins the race. How much of that was luck and how much skill? 

It's amazing how betting on good jocks will improve your luck.

The luck you have when you're betting on the races is something different. Sometimes you're lucky if the crowd fails to value 

the attributes of a horse and you get a very generous price on that runner. At other times you may try to make a last minute 

bet and get shut out. Moments later the horse you would have bet on falls down or loses the race. You were actually lucky 

that you couldn't get the bet in.


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