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When you wager $2 on a horseCopu Our Bets at 5-2-and it wins, it pays a minimum of $7.00. At 2-1 the horse is a losing bet. The actual odds that you need are 2.33-1, but you won't see that on the toteboard at the races and trying to put that fine a point on it will lead to problems. One of the biggest obstacles horse players face in making their wagers profitable is the fact that they never know exactly what the winner will pay until the race has started and the computer has made its final calculations and the odds are posted. At that point it's too late to wager or cancel a bet.If you can handicap a race and estimate each runner's ability and probability of winning it's a simple mathematical problem to arrive at the fair value odds. The trick, of course, is being able to handicap a horse race. If you buy the past performances supplied by the biggest suppliers many of them now indicate how often the favorite wins in each type of race and also which odds ranges the favorites are found in according to the percentage of winners.

Knowing what fair value means is helpful, but you'll still need to master the basics of handicapping and understand the major factors of speed, class, form, and pace. That takes practice, but learning how to handicap in order to find a good investment at the horse races isn't much different than learning how to understand other forms of investmentIt has been known that horse racing tips can also mean business. The bookies that are in charge of setting up racing bets are doing it for money. In this kind of business, more money is lost than won. If you win or lose, you are already considered as part of the statistics. If you ever plan to make this game as your hobby, the following will be horse racing tips that may improve your situation. Keep in mind, the bookies will never be beaten but you can make money out of their profits.


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