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If in doubt, boobs out: Pascal Craymer takes Fashion Dresses topless selfies during red hot lingerie shoot

MATRIX Fashion Dresses DIY GALMOUR SHOOT: Pascal took her sex appeal into her own hands

Why else would the plus size bodycon dress former TOWIE star stage a DIY glamour shoot before even arriving on set?

With a body like Pascal's we doubt it's too difficult cheap evening dresses to capture plenty of sex appeal, but the babe looked like she was deep in concentration nonetheless.

Draped on a red suede sofa, the hottie lays on her long sleeve rompers stomach and barely protects her modesty with her elbows as she smoulders into her phone.

MATRIX srtwhg2ge PUTTING THE FIT IN FITTING: Unfortunately this bra was way too small

Donning nothing but black, lacy knickers and a matching plus size bodycon dress choker, the babe evidently believes in a "less is more" approach to clothes.

In another series cheap evening dresses of snaps Pascal rocks a red lingerie set, but clearly wasn't a big fan of the bra.

MATRIX long sleeve rompers OOPS I DID IT AGAIN: That's not how you protect your modesty Pascal

After unsuccessfully trying to squeeze her assets into the tiny garment, she ditches it altogether for a more au natural look.

Unfortunately her hands didn't do a very good jobs of shielding her nipples.

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The 28-year-old seems to be making a habit of flashing copious amounts of flesh.

Just last night she suffered from a triple wardrobe malfunction, exposing absolutely everything in a completely impractical gown.

Doesn't look like she's learning from her mistakes.

MATRIX SQUEEZY PEASY: Pascal's boobs make a bid for freedom


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