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From soap star to sex kitten: Stephanie cheap sexy lingerie Davis strips to lingerie for raciest shoot yet

COURTESY OF ZOO MAGAZINE cheap sexy lingerie SOAP SIREN: Stephanie scorched in her first lingerie shoot

The former soap star has stripped plus size bodystocking off for her sexiest shoot yet, and the Fifty Shades Of Grey guys should get in touch if they ever need a new cast member.

Rocking racy black stockings, suspenders and lingerie, leather lingerie the 22-year-old showcased plenty of cleavage, as well as her new underboob tattoo, in a steamy boudoir shoot for Zoo magazine.


With her brunette hair tousled plus size bodystocking and her body on display, Stephanie appeared to be relishing her new role as a sex kitten.

leather lingerie COURTESY OF ZOO MAGAZINE FIFTY SHADES OF STEPHANIE: The actress was sacked from Hollyoaks last month “Everybody has to be 18 and a little crazy at some point” Stephanie Davis

The actress told the mag: "I’ve always wanted to do a few sexy lingerie shoots but being in a soap was busy work so I didn’t have the time. I’m really happy at the moment and I’d love to strip off for you all again!"

Stephanie played Sinéad O'Connor on Hollyoaks for five years, but was axed from the soap in July amid reports that she turned up to set drunk.

But despite her own spokesperson saying she was "unfit to work because of alcohol consumption", the starlet denies that she was fired.

Miss Davis explained: "It was ultimately my choice to leave! I just walked and then the producers told me if I didn’t come back they’d have no option but to terminate my contract, but that it was my choice.

TWITTER NEW PATH: Stephanie wants to go into music

"I’ve always had fun and when I started the show I did like to party, but I’m just like any normal 22-year-old and I’m sure everyone is the same as they’re growing up – everybody has to be 18 and a little crazy at some point. The drunken thing was there for people to believe if they wanted to but I know people in the industry know me for what I really am."

While we won't be seeing Steph on our TV screens for a while, we could be hearing her on the radio – well, if she has her way.


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