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Going commando at the Logies? Sam Frost, Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Delta Goodrem and Erin Molan reveal lingerie plans...after Jesinta Campbell once ditched her underwear on the red carpet

The 2016 TV Week Logie Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Awards on Sunday night will celebrate the best of Australian TV.

But there will also be plenty of frocks and shocks Oktoberfest Costume as the country's hottest starlets go to scandalous lengths to dazzle on the red carpet.

After Jesinta Campbell confessed recently to vxvxc530 ditching her knickers at the Logies once in a bid to avoid her underwear line showing in photographs, Sam Frost, Delta Goodrem and Erin Molan have given their views on 'going commando' at the event.

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'I've actually got some big high Spanx': The Bachelorette star Sam Frost - pictured here at the 2015 Logie Awards - told Daily Mail Australia she won't be following Jesinta Campbell's lead by 'going commando'

Last month, Jesinta told Today that she took off her underwear and stuffed them in her handbag because they were visible below her 'very tightly fitted' Burberry dress at the 2012 awards. 

But don't expect it to be undie-geddon on the Logies red carpet this year, with The Bachelorette's Sam Frost revealing she'll be doing the exact opposite.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia at Hamish & Andy's annual Logies Spit Roast party in Sydney on Friday, Sam said with a laugh: 'I'm going to be like Bridget Jones!' 

Lovebirds: The Bachelorette star Sam Frost - pictured with partner Sasha Mielczarek at the pre-Logies Spit Roast party hosted by DJs Hamish and Andy in Sydney on Friday -  confirmed she will be wearing both underwear and shapewear below her outfit

'All I'm going to say is I've actually got some big high Spanx,' the blonde beauty added.

'I'm not joking, so it's not going to be as sexy as that. But all I'll say is at least I'll be able to have a good time comfortably.'

Her partner Sasha Mielczarek also spoke about Sam's dress, revealing: 'It's beautiful, she's going to look fantastic.'

'For me, comfort is such a big thing': NRL Footy Show co-host Erin Molan, pictured at the Logies last year, told Daily Mail Australia she will 'definitely be wearing' knickers underneath her dress

Meanwhile, NRL Footy Show co-host Erin told Daily Mail Australia she will 'definitely be wearing' knickers underneath her dress.

'For me, comfort is such a big thing,' the 33-year-old said at the pre-Logies party.

'You still want to look lovely but you're going to be in the dress for a long time,' Erin explained before revealing that she will be wearing a red gown by a local designer.

Finally, Delta Goodrem brushed off any suggestion she would be 'going commando' underneath her Logies ensemble.

Glamour: Delta Goodrem, pictured at last year's ceremony, brushed off any suggestion she would be 'going commando' underneath her Logies ensemble, saying simply of Jesinta's fashion faux pas: 'Oh, goodness me!'

The 31-year-old, who will take the stage to sing her new track Dear Life on Sunday, was shocked when told about Jesinta's fashion faux pas, simply saying: 'Oh, goodness me!'

Delta also hinted that she would be swapping outfits before her musical performance, adding: 'I've got a couple of outfits I've got to think about... and I'm looking forward to rocking it.'

The candid talk of lingerie plans for the Logies follows 24-year-old Jesinta's bold confession last month.

The model detailed the last minute decision to whip off her underwear and stuff them into her clutch while talking about red carpet do's and don't's on The Today Show. 

'I put them in my clutch!' Jesinta Campbell admitted to a Logies faux pas, telling the Today Show last month she went commando at her first awards in 2012 and stuffed her underwear in her clutch

When handing out fashion advice, the fiancé of Sydney Swan Lance 'Buddy' Franklin added: 'You have to be very, very careful with what undergarments you wear.'

Jesinta then recalled a story about the time she walked the red carpet without any underwear on.

'I have a story from my very first Logies: I wore this beautiful Burberry dress, it was very tightly fitted, and as I was going onto the red carpet I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror,' she began.

Busty display: The 24-year-old model confessed that she wasn't wearing any underwear below this daring outfit at the 2012 Logie Awards, held at Melbourne's Crown Palladium

Frank discussion: Jesinta had joined co-hosts Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia Jeffreys and Richard Wilkins for panel about red carpet do's and don't's

'I took them off — I went commando — and put them in my clutch. One of the red carpet reporters was doing a segment called "What's in your clutch?"

'I said to her, I actually can't open my clutch because my undies are in there,' she blurted out.

Left slightly red-faced from her embarrassing blunder, co-host Lisa added: 'You are a truth fountain, Jesinta Campbell.' 

Quite the confession! Co-host Lisa Wilkinson was left blushing at the candid confession from the fiancé of Sydney Swan Lance 'Buddy' Franklin


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